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Apple fruit price in delhi

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Apple production in IranTypes of apple fruit in IranApple fruit price in delhi
Apple fruit price in delhi

If you are looking for the Apple fruit price in delhi, there are various cities in Iran that are considered as the main centers of excellent apple production.
We all know that not every apple is an export apple. Exported apples must meet the required standards for sale to foreign countries.
For example, no matter how hard and colorful the red apple is and has a uniform shape, it will have a lot of marketability. The price of Maragheh apple can also vary depending on the market prices of the fruit.

Apple production in Iran

As the main center of apple production in the world, Iran harvests over 5 million tons of apples annually and exports them to foreign markets.

Areas such as:

  • Orumieh
  • Oshnoyeh
  • Maragheh
  • Miane
  • Samirom
  • Shiraz
  • Damavand

They have the highest harvest rate. The apple that is produced in Iran has a very high quality and its taste is special and unique in its kind. For this reason, there is a great demand from neighboring countries for its export. One of the most delicious apples produced in Iran is the Maragheh tree apple, which is also very famous. The price of Maragheh apple tree can vary depending on the type of apple and the amount demanded.

Types of apple fruit in Iran

Tree apples that are produced in Iran have different types and their colors are different from each other. One of the best and most famous apples produced in the country are the cities of Maragheh, Mashhad, Ahar, Isfahan and Tabriz. There are different types of apple trees in Iran in different varieties. The highest volume of these apples is Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, which are known in Iran as Lebanese red and yellow.
Expensive apples (Green France), Gala and Fuji are also produced by gardeners in the apple-growing regions of the country. Of course, it should be noted that tree apples are offered by different brands in the country. Apples produced in the country can be exported to neighboring countries and other countries. In exports to Iraq, apples are one of the most important and main export products that are in great demand in Iraq.

Apple fruit price in delhi

The Apple fruit price in delhi depends on many factors, but the most important is the amount of money spent on apple production. As you know, Maragheh apple is the most famous and delicious apple produced in the country. Every year, a large amount of apples produced in this city are exported to neighboring countries. The price of exported apple fruit in this city varies depending on the type of apple and the amount of demand for it. Apples produced in Maragheh are sent to other cities for supply in fruit markets, and the demand for apples from this city increases every year.


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