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Apple fruit prices

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Which apple market is better?Apple fruit pricesFirst-class apple harvest volumeExport of Iranian apples to Indonesia

With the beginning of apple harvest from Iranian orchards, the Apple fruit prices are sold from 10,000 to 12,000 Tomans for export markets.
Of course, there are lower prices for these apples, which may be different in size and color, as well as the harvest area of ​​these apples, but apples that have a high quality for export have always had higher Apple fruit prices than other apples. .

Red apples and golden apples at this selling rate are often packaged in two-row and three-row plastic baskets that are hand-picked from 120 grams and up.
But if for foreign markets, customers and buyers want to buy Iranian apples with cartoon packaging, the price of finished apples for this type of packaging will increase by about two thousand tomans compared to basket packaging.
In the previous articles, we mentioned that the price of paper in Iran is higher than petrochemical raw materials, so the price of finished apples in cartoon packaging has always been more expensive than plastic basket packaging.

Which apple market is better?

According to the statistics of the Iranian Customs Affairs Organization and also the Union of Refrigerators in different provinces, the highest harvest volume was related to Red Delicious and Golden Delicious autumn apples and among these two varieties, red apple had the highest harvest volume from orchards throughout Iran. Is.
This amount of harvest has naturally reflected the elasticity of export markets. In fact, foreign customers and buyers, the most types of apples that have been purchased from the Iranian market have been related to golden apples and red apples.

But if we want to measure the market for yellow apples and red apples, we can say that every year, the major buyers of Iranian apples announce their highest demand for red apples, which are received by customers of the countries.

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh
  • England

This has led to the fact that almost 70% of Iran’s cold stores have the capacity to store red apples, and only 30% of Iran’s exports of apples have been yellow apples.

Apple fruit prices

Apple fruit prices

In the Iranian market, the Apple fruit prices varies according to its taste and harvest area. Even the type of apple can affect the purchase price of Iranian citizens, so the golden apple market in Iranian wholesale centers has a higher Apple fruit prices. In fact, the demand for golden apples in Iran is much higher than red apples, which can be said to have been a contradiction of foreign markets.

First-class apple harvest volume

In 1400, the volume of apple harvest in Iran reached more than 5 million tons, but from this amount, it should be understood how much was related to autumn apples, and from the volume of autumn apple harvest, several tons are related to first-class apples. .
You certainly know that Iran’s export apples are first-class apples that are exported to foreign markets every year at a higher price than different grades.

According to the studies we have done from the Agricultural Jihad Organization as well as the Union of Refrigerators, about three million and 800 thousand tomans of the total apples harvested in Iran are related to first-class apples, which can be a very significant amount in this field.
If this harvest of first-class red and golden apples can be introduced for export to foreign markets, Iran will certainly be one of the largest apple producers in the world, and we intend to bring new markets for Iranian apples in the new year. Let’s bring.
The price of first-class apples is sold every year in the cold stores in the form of sorted and palletized at the highest prices, whose quality and durability have always been higher than other grades.

Apple fruit prices

Export of Iranian apples to Indonesia

Indonesia has been one of the markets that has imported the most apples from different countries every year after countries such as Germany and England, and this country has become one of the important markets for apple exports.
The export of Iranian apples in two types of red delicacies and delicacy vases to the large market of this country in the last two years, has caused the companies exporting apples in Iran to have a bigger view of the Indonesian market.
According to statistics, every year the country imports more than two million tons of different varieties of apple trees from different apple producing countries in the world. In Iran, the volume of red and golden apples exported to the country’s market was about 150,000 tons, which is not a definite volume compared to the total index of apple imports in this country, because the quality and taste of Iranian apples has always been famous in foreign markets. . Therefore, with the right planning, more buyers can be driven from this country to buy Iranian apples, as well as the price of first-class apples at the highest price.

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