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Apple fruit suppliers in Iran

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Major areas of apple productionApple fruit suppliers in IranExport of red delicious apples to Pakistan
Apple fruit suppliers in Iran

The Apple fruit suppliers for export, which has been able to have a competitive price for both the domestic market and foreign countries, has been the Vitarad Group, which fortunately has different varieties of this fruit in its cold storage.

At present, considering that there are two months left until the harvest of golden and red delicious apples, the entire capacity of 8000 tons of the cold storage is fully filled, and after the harvest time, which will be the month of October, the sales process will begin.

As we have said, the apples that are mostly bought and sold for export are autumn apples, which are known as Red Delicious apples and Golden Delicious apples.

There are different areas in Iran that have high areas under cultivation of these apples, which we intend to talk about in this article.

Major areas of apple production

The main apple production areas in Iran are many and the collection of apple harvest from these areas has made Iran the largest and main hub of apple production in the world.

The main provinces where most of the purchase, sale and export of apple fruits are done, can be:

  • Western Azerbaijan
  • East Azarbaijan
  • Tehran
  • Esfahan
  • Fars province
  • Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari

He pointed out that in each of these provinces, there are cities that have the highest quality red and golden apples, and customers who cooperated with the Vitarad collection ask us to buy red or golden apples in a specific region.

Apple fruit suppliers in Iran

You foreign buyers from important markets that you are in contact with, can announce the type of apple, packaging and how to sort the apple fruit you want.

Vitarad Company, as a sellerĀ  and Apple fruit suppliers for export in Iran, has many customers from European, African and Asian markets, and we hope to turn you, dear customers, into actual buyers from this collection.


Export of red delicious apples to Pakistan

Vitarad Group, as the largest exporter and Apple fruit suppliers in Iran for export in Iran, exported over 1500 tons of red apples to Pakistan in 2020.

This country is one of our actual markets, and our bilateral cooperation is increasing year by year.

In previous years, our cooperation with Pakistani businessmen was high. The reason was that Pakistani buyers were sending Iranian apples to India.

They had lower customs tariffs and a better Pakistani political relationship with India. But in the last two years, these relations do not exist and Vitarad Group only supports the Pakistani market.

If you want to buy different types of apple fruits from Iran in the new year, Vitarad cold storage in Urmia will be ready to provide services and sell this fruit.


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