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Banana imported from India to Iran

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Indian banana value in the international marketBanana buyers in IranBanana imported from IndiaPrices per ton of Indian bananaBuy Indian Banana in Iran
Banana imported from

Bananas are the most common fruits in the world with the annual production of nearly 150 million tons, and India is its largest producer globally. Iran on the other hand is among the biggest importers of the fruit and there thousands of tons of banana imported from India to Iran.

Banana imported from India, is one of the most popular agricultural products all over the world and many international companies are trying to offer them to their customers every year. The Indian climate is perfect for producing these amazing fruits. Thus that’s why the bananas produced in India are very high in quality and extremely popular all over the world.

Banana imported from

Indian banana value in the international market

Banana imported from big producer countries is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and they the 4th biggest traded food crop after rice, corn and wheat. They produced and exported to different countries of the world on very large scales. There are also a lot of big fruit companies like Chiquita and Dole which dominate the banana markets and trade them all over the world.

India is the biggest producer of bananas in the world with the annual production of 29 million tons out of the total 150 million tons. Also Ecuador is one the other hand the biggest exporter of bananas in the world. The economy of this country is completely dependent on bananas.

Banana imported from

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Banana buyers in Iran

Iran imports large quantities of bananas every year, which can reach 800000 tons in some years. Iran also has around 140000 tons of banana production, but it is not enough to supply the local markets. Banana imported from India supplies large parts of the Iranian markets.

Other big suppliers of the Iranian banana markets are Asian countries like Pakistan, and Philippines. Bananas are very popular in Iran and an important part of the country’s cuisine and dishes. Thus they are an amazing healthy snack for everyone, and they contain high amounts of energy which makes them perfect for athletes.

Banana imported from

Banana imported from India

India is the biggest producer of bananas in the world and accounts for around 20% of the global banana productions. This high figures, automatically makes them one of the largest exporters of the fruit as well. Bananas imported from India sent to many destinations all around the world.

Middle Easter countries like Iran are some big customers of Indian bananas. There are large amounts of imports from European Union countries as well. India has the perfect climate for producing high quality bananas and these bananas are one of the most popular products in markets of the world.

Banana imported from

Prices per ton of Indian banana

There a lot of different indicators which set the price of banana imported from India every year. First of all, the wholesale prices are much lower within India, because of the high production of these fruits. As result Many different cultivars of bananas also produced in this country with the most common being the Cavendish.

Cavendish bananas an internationally recognized cultivar and usually have a set reference price. Almost Indian bananas are also available all year long and the season does not affect their prices. Overall, they are among the best and most affordable bananas in the world.

Banana imported from

Buy Indian Banana in Iran

As said before, Iran is one of the largest importers of bananas in the world, Almost with the annual imports of 700000 tons. Most of the bananas in Iran imported from Asian countries. It seams there are a few reasons for these transactions, and the first that most of the bananas in the world produced in Asia. So The second reason is the shorter distance between these producers and Iran.

The shorter distance will lower the transportation costs and makes the trade faster and more profitable. There a lot of banana imported from countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines in Iran every year. Also There are some minor imports from South American countries like Ecuador. But they are much more expensive.

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