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Barbed cucumber exports from Iran

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The difference between Persian cucumber and bared cucumberWhich countries like barbed cucumbers?Cucumber exports from IranPrices per ton of barbed cucumbersBuy and sell Iranian barbed cucumbers
Barbed cucumber

These barbed vegetables have one of the most extraordinary forms among cucumbers and are very popular in both the local and international markets. Barbed cucumber exports from Iran accounts for a large part of the Iranian vegetable exports, and is quite profitable due to the high quality of them.

Cucumbers are amazing vegetables full of different useful nutrients and very low in calories. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and barbed cucumbers are among the most popular and delicious types available. These cucumbers produced in many different regions of the world including Iran, and are a very popular item on markets.

Barbed cucumber

The difference between Persian cucumber and bared cucumber

Well technically all of the cucumbers produced in Iran are Persian cucumbers, but there are some minor differences between the barbed cucumbers, and regular cucumbers found in the markets. First difference is their shape, as regular Persian cucumbers are usually tall and thin, and he barbed types are shorter and wider.
They have also got barbs all over their skin, in contrast to the flat skin of the others. They are both very suitable for fresh consumption and have a very sweet flesh. Their flesh also contains very few or no seeds at all, which helps this cause. Companies use both of these species in making high quality pickles as well.

Barbed cucumber

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Which countries like barbed cucumbers?

Well, barbed cucumbers are popular all over the world and in Iran as well. A lot of people prefer them in the form of pickles and that’s why a lot of pickling companies interested in them. Many of them also exported and produced for fresh consumption in salads and etc. Usually, the first grade cucumbers with the perfect shapes and sizes exported to the markets for fresh consumption.
Cucumbers have a short shelf life and must transported to the markets as quick as possible. This is especially true for Iranian cucumbers which are organic and do not have chemical preservatives.

Barbed cucumber

Cucumber exports from Iran

Iran is one of the main suppliers of cucumbers in the Middle East region. Iran and Turkey are the two largest producers of cucumbers in the Middle East and also one of the biggest in the world. Since turkey located partly in Europe, prefers to exports its products to the European markets.
Iran on the other hand, mostly exports its products to the neighboring countries in the region. Russia is also one of the biggest importers of Iranian cucumbers and also buys barbed cucumbers for pickling. Iranian cucumbers are very well known and in extremely high demands in these regions.

Barbed cucumber

Prices per ton of barbed cucumbers

The prices of the barbed cucumbers different from the regular cucumbers exported from Iran. Their price also depends on their quality and whether they exported for fresh consumption or not. The fruits and vegetables exported for fresh consumption are in perfect physical shapes. They are also usually larger and have a higher skin quality, and thus are more expensive.
There also some cucumbers exported for pickling which are smaller and have lower skin qualities. These cucumbers are cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that they are lower in quality and only physically affected.

Barbed cucumber

Buy and sell Iranian barbed cucumbers

As said before, Iranian barbed cucumbers very popular for both fresh consumption and pickle making. They owe this popularity to their high quality and the organic nature of the Iranian cucumbers. Barbed cucumbers require more water than the traditional Persian cucumbers. That’s why they are more common in the northern states where there are a lot of sources of fresh water available.
These barbed vegetables distributed to all of the Iranian local markets in the first place. The rest also set for exports and many big and small international companies interested in them. Iranian cucumbers exported on large scales to many of the Middle Eastern and west Asian countries in the region.

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