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Best price of apple fruit

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Harvest fresh apples from orchardsIranian apple and kiwi marketThe Best price of apple fruit

The best price of apple fruit in the world is related to different cultivars harvested from Iranian orchards. The most important varieties of this fruit that are exported to 20 countries every year are Red Delicious apple and Golden Delicious apple.
Iran, as the top producer and exporter of tree apples, harvests the best of these two apples from orchards every year in the fall and provides them to actual customers in different countries at the lowest world prices.
With the start of red and yellow apple exports in Iran, Vitarad Trading Group and some Iranian apple exporting companies are sorting apples by mechanization. The quality and taste of Iranian apples has caused the Best price of apple fruit to be bought and sold in the world markets at a significant rate, and this has led to the country being introduced to Iran as one of the main export hubs of apple trees in the world. .

If in 2021 the best price of apple fruit in producing countries is around 50 cents, naturally the Best price of apple fruit in the domestic market of Iran will be much more competitive than this figure, and this has led to an increase in apple trade in Iran.

Harvest fresh apples from orchards

As we mentioned, the highest amount of buying and selling apple fruit for export in Iran is related to autumn apples, which are known as red apples and golden apples in Iran. Simultaneously with the process of harvesting apple trees, the export of this fruit also begins, which is different according to the quality of the regions producing these two types of apples in Iran and foreign markets in terms of quality suffering. For example: in 2021, Iranian red and golden apples in different grades to countries such as Afghanistan

  • Pakistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Persian Gulf states
  • India
  • Libya
  • Some neighboring countries

Will be exported.

Of course, in 2021, the export of Iranian red and golden apples to some EU member states has also been exported. The only problem with the export of Iranian apple trees to European countries is the problems of payment through banks, which has been solved by Vitarad Trading Company through Turkey. We hope that in the new year we will be able to increase the volume of our exports in this field for European countries.
The best price of apple fruit in Iran is often offered in the first days of harvest, which has a very good taste and due to the lack of high export market, its price drops in the orchards and after harvest.

Best price of apple fruit

Iranian apple and kiwi market

Iran is one of the four seasons in the world, where during 12 months, various agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, are harvested from its farms and orchards and bought and sold for export. One of the fruits that has a very high feedback in foreign countries every year and always starts when picking up the purchase order for these products is apple tree and kiwi, which has made Iran one of the main centers of production and export.

Iran’s apple and kiwi market is very hot at the moment and we have orders to buy these two fruits from almost all Asian, European and African countries.
The Best price of apple fruit and kiwis were for red and golden apples, as well as green Hayward kiwis. Red and golden apples have more production than other varieties and as a result its sales are higher for export than other cultivars. At the same time, green Hayward kiwi has the highest harvest compared to red kiwi and yellow kiwi, but always the best fruit price. Selling apples has been more appropriate than other varieties, which we mentioned in previous articles, and we will try to make you more familiar with Iranian fruits in future articles.

Best price of apple fruit

The Best price of apple fruit

If you are looking to buy Iranian red apples in sorted form, you should know that Iranian apples are sorted after harvest, which are harvested from orchards and transferred to cold stores for storage, and the order for exporting Iranian apples starts from this time. . On the other hand, due to the fact that the order of red apples for purchase by foreign customers is more than yellow apples, because of this often, the price per kilo of sorted red apples is higher than golden apples. This has caused gardeners in Iran to produce For this variety in their gardens.
The best price of apple fruit is related to the regions that have a mountainous climate, and the more mountainous the region, the higher the quality of the apples, and as a result, its selling price is higher than the daily market with the highest buying and selling rates.
Vitarad Trading, with its mechanized sorting system, has the option to be able to sort the best type of red apple in stylish packages according to the standard to the world markets, and as a result, to offer it to its customers at a more competitive price.
In 2021, Vitarad Company will sell the selling price of each kilo of sorted red apples for export to its target markets at a price of 10 to 12 thousand Tomans ex-work.

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