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Best quality Askari grape for export

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Appearance of Askari grapeGrapes produced in IranBest quality Askari grapeHarvesting and packing of grapes in the boxExports best Iranian grapes
Askari grape

Some of the greatest table grape cultivars like the Askari, originate from Iran, and the country produces and exports them on very large scales every year. Iranian companies offer the best quality Askari grape for exports, and have customers from many countries of the world, mostly Middle Eastern.

Askari grapes are one of the best agricultural products Iran has to offer and many companies are interested in them. A large part of the Iranian vineyards also grow the seedless types of this cultivar, because of its profitability and popularity. They produced and exported by Iran every year, and considered a luxurious fruit in many foreign markets.

Askari grape

Appearance of Askari grape

Most of the table grapes which used for fresh consumption are seedless and the amazing Askari grapes are no exception. Even though there some seeded types, these grapes are mostly seedless and come in both red and green.
They are large in size and have a clear skin and a sweet firm flesh, which made many people consider them the best grapes for fresh consumption. Some companies also make high quality raisins from these grapes. Raisins are very popular among Iranians and used in lot of local dishes and cuisines. Overall, the Askari cultivar an internationally recognized brand, and very popular all over the world.

Askari grape

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Grapes produced in Iran

Iran is the 8th largest producer of grapes in the world and accounts for around 3.5% of the total global production. Based on the stats by FAO, Iran produces around 2.5 million metric tons of fresh grapes. There are also a lot of different cultivars produced in the Iranian vineyards.
Most of these grape cultivars, bred especially for fresh consumption, like the Askari grapes. These grapes exported to countries from all over the world and are also very popular in foreign markets. The biggest customers and importers of the Iranian grapes are the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries.

Askari grape

Best quality Askari grape

Askari grapes are the best Iran has to offer for customers which are looking for table grapes. These amazing grapes are both delicious and healthy. They are a great source of vitamin C, which is a great natural anti-oxidant that can boost the immune system without any side effects.
They also a natural organic sunscreen and can help to keep the skin hydrated and young for longer. There have also a lot of studies which connected the drinking of these grapes’ juice to the prevention of the Alzheimer’s disease. They can help the people with migraines to stop their headaches.

Askari grape

Harvesting and packing of grapes in the box

The packaging of the grapes usually takes place right after the harvesting and sometimes even in the vineyards. This is because of the fragile nature of the fruits and their short shelf lives which emphasizes more on the importance of packaging. The boxes protect the grapes from heat and physical harms along the way.
The grapes also separated by their size and cultivars. This is because some of the cultivars like the Askari grapes are more popular and in higher demands. The companies make these boxes out of plastic or cardboard and they also add to the final price of the grape.

Askari grape

Exports best Iranian grapes

There are many big and small international companies which are active in the Iranian grape business. Russia is a big importer of these amazing fruits and purchases large quantities every year. Only the best Iranian grapes are chosen for exports. This is because of the fact that most international fruit markets only interested in high quality stuff.
The table grapes traded over these markets are all large, sweet, seedless, and in perfect shape. There are a lot of different grape cultivars which harvested in Iran on very large scales, and some of them like the Askari grapes are perfect for exporting purposes. Over the past few years, they were very well received by the customers and the demand is increasing.

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