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Askari grapes production in IranWhat are Askari grapes?Grape packaging for exportExport Askari grapes from IranThe prices of Iranian Askari grapes
Askari grapes

Askari grapes are among the highest quality Persian table grapes and are known all over the world for fresh consumption and making raisins. Iran is the biggest producer of these grapes and a lot of international companies from all over the world Buy Askari grapes from Iran.

These grapes are a type of sweet Persian grapes that are smaller and rounder than other common grape varieties. They come in both green and red colors and seedless, which makes them a great choice for fresh consumption.

These grapes are a big part of Iranian grapes production and many big and small countries buy Askari grapes from Iran.

Askari grapes

Askari grapes production in Iran

There more than 400 official grape varieties cultivated in Iran, but only a few are grown on a commercial scale. Askari, is one of the most popular Iranian grape varieties. And also is cultivated in many of the country’s vineyards in different states. There tens of thousands of fresh Askari grapes, harvested from the Iranian vineyards every year.

Also, a lot of neighboring and Middle Eastern countries buy these grapes from Iran. They have a very sweet and seedless flesh, which makes them very popular as table grapes. They consumed fresh. Also turned into raisins by people from many different importing countries both from Middle East and all over the world.

Askari grapes

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What are Askari grapes?

Iran is the home for many high quality different grapes that known and loved all over the world. Askari grapes are one of the most popular and high quality Iranian grapes. They known for their smaller rounder seeds with a clear skin. Also sweet seedless flesh which makes them perfect for fresh consumption and making of raisins.

And also have a very thin skin which makes them crunchier and more enjoyable to consume. These varieties of grapes come in both red and green colors. These grapes and cultivated in areas with warm and partly humid climates and non-freezing winters.

Askari grapes

Grape packaging for export

All of the grape varieties including Askari grapes have very delicate skins and must protected all along the way. So the most important thing in the packaging of grapes is to protect them physically from bruises and cuts. Grapes and all fruits are also very vulnerable to heat. As result, should be kept in a cool place during storage and shipment.

The packages must also allow the least amount of contact with the open air in order to keep the grapes fresh for longer. The companies usually make the boxes from plastic and cardboard. They also come in different shapes and sizes with various capacities.

Askari grapes

Export Askari grapes from Iran

Askari grapes exported to many foreign countries in both fresh form and raisins. Countries like Iraq, Russia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates are the biggest customers of these grapes. There tens of thousands of tons of these grapes exported every year. They usually sent through the land borders in the west, and the sea borders in the north and the south of the country.

Askari grapes are also very popular on the international markets and have customers from the American and European countries as well. They have this popularity because of their sweet and seedless flesh and thin skin.

Askari grapes

The prices of Iranian Askari grapes

Askari grapes are one of the highest quality cultivars of the Iranian grapes on the international markets. Exporting these grapes is a multi-million-dollar industry for the people of Iran. There are also a lot of different factors that affect the final price of these Iranian grapes. The most important ad the biggest indicating factor is the shipping costs.

The expenses of transporting these grapes to the designated countries depends on the distance of the two regions and the method of shipment. The closer the two countries, the lower the transportation costs will be, and that will eventually reduce the retail market prices. Also the season of the harvest very important, as the harvest limited to a specific time of the year.

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