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Pomegranate is a lovely fruitWhat are the benefits of pomegranate?Iranian pomegranate popularity in the international marketHow can we buy fresh pomegranate from Iran?Pomegranate exports from Iran
Buy fresh pomegranate

Almost a third of the world’s pomegranates produced in Iran, and the country stands in the first place of the top global producers with nearly 1 million ton of productions. A lot of companies Buy fresh pomegranate from Iran and export them to many countries, all over the world.

The pomegranate a fruit that contains hundreds of edible seeds which are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The punicalagins in pomegranate juice have shown to reduce inflammation, one of the leading drivers of many serious diseases, like cancer. They are also very popular and many countries Buy fresh pomegranate of Iran on large scales.

Buy fresh pomegranate

Pomegranate is a lovely fruit

Pomegranates are amazing lovely fruits that are full of different benefits and most companies fry to sell and Buy fresh pomegranate, in their annual products. Pomegranate a thick skinned super seedy fruit, but their sweet taste and various benefits are worth the trouble. There are also sour pomegranates which not commonly used for fresh consumption, but are an important part of the Iranian cuisines.
They used in making many pomegranate side products like juices and pomegranate paste. Pomegranate past an essential ingredient in many of the popular Iranian dishes. Pomegranates were always very valued as fruits and are still popular.

Buy fresh pomegranate

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What are the benefits of pomegranate?

There are so many various benefits in these amazing fruits and everyone must Buy fresh pomegranate when the season comes. Pomegranates one of the greatest sources of anti-oxidants found in nature. They usually contain approximately 3 times more antioxidants than green tea and oranges. It can regulate the blood pressure and decreasing the inflammation in the lining of the blood vessels. They are suitable for diabetic patients as well as people on diets. Pomegranates contain punicic acid as well, a unique substance that is responsible for a lot of different health benefits.

Buy fresh pomegranate

Iranian pomegranate popularity in the international market

When talking about Iranian fruits, the first name that comes to mind is pomegranates. The names of this country and fruit have been mixed together for a long time and known all over the world. Part of this popularity is because of the organic nature of these pomegranates.
These fruits have harvested in Iran for thousands of years, and some farmers still use the traditional methods. These traditional methods do not require the use of harmful chemical pesticides and preservatives. Many of the world’s biggest international companies Buy fresh pomegranate every year.

Buy fresh pomegranate

How can we buy fresh pomegranate from Iran?

There are a lot of active fruit companies in Iran, which sell and Buy fresh pomegranate over the international fruit markets. So as a result, buying Iranian pomegranates have become really easy. There are also a lot of websites that trade large quantities of fruits online.
In the Iranian pomegranate season, which is in autumn, you could find the fruits on the websites. Iranian high quality organic pomegranates are one of the hottest items on these websites. Mostly Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries purchase them, but there are also lots of customers from European countries.

Buy fresh pomegranate

Pomegranate exports from Iran

As the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, Iran dominates the markets especially in the Middle East region. There are a lot of Iranian pomegranates exports to more than twenty countries in the world. They known globally as a reliable brand and many companies Buy fresh pomegranate of Iran.
They also grown mostly organically, which makes them even more popular. A lot of researches have proven the amazing benefits of consuming organic fruits. They have higher amounts of different nutrients and do not carry the harmful chemicals found in preservatives and pesticides. They will also be easier to sell over on the international markets and customers will pay more for them.

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