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Buy grapes for export from Iran

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Varieties of grapes in IranIranian Grapes in the International MarketBuy grapes for export from farmers in IranPacking and sorting grapesExports of grapes from Iran
Grapes for export

The growing of grapes in the Iranian vineyards goes back to thousands of years, and grapes have always been, and are one of the most popular fruits among Iranians. Many companies from all over the world buy grapes for export from Iran and distribute the goods on the global fruit markets.

Almost all of the Iranian grapes for export are top quality table grapes which purchased for fresh consumption only. Iranian grapes have such a high quality and amazing taste which made them popular in most markets and they are always in high demands. Iranian grapes also grown mostly organic in some of the best vineyards in the world.

Grapes for export

Varieties of grapes in Iran

There more than 100 official grape cultivars grown in different states of Iran, but there are only a handful of them which are known worldwide. These famous cultivars are table grapes which are suitable for exports and account for most of the Iranian grapes for export.

There also many cultivars grown on small scales in different regions of the country and consumed by locals. Some of the most popular and well known Iranian apple cultivars are Asgari, Pikami, and Rish Baba. These apples mostly seedless and come in a variety of colors including green, yellow, and red. They are also sweet and some of them turned to high quality raisins.

Grapes for export

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Iranian Grapes in the International Market

Iran produces more than 2.5 million metric tons of fresh grapes every year making it the 8th biggest in the world. A large portion of these grapes bred specifically for international exports. These grapes for export are generally sweet, large and seedless.

They are a popular of many different international fruit markets and always well received by the customers. There are also some minor export to factories and companies which use the grapes to make side products like juices and extracts. They usually import grade B fruits for these works which are smaller and not in perfect shape.

Grapes for export

Buy grapes for export from farmers in Iran

There large areas in different cities of Iran which turned to some of the finest vineyards of the world. Grapes are very important in some of the Iranian cities and account for many jobs there. The fruit companies trading the Iranian grapes for export, buy their products directly from the farmers.

In this way, they make sure that the grapes are all fresh, organic, and in perfect shape for the customers. Shopping directly from the farmers has many other benefits and also helps the local economy. Besides most of the grapes being exported for fresh consumption, there are also some for making side products.

Grapes for export

Packing and sorting grapes

Before shipping the grapes for export, Companies need to carefully sort and package them. Grapes are very sensitive fruit and cannot tolerate heat and physical forces. So as a result, Companies use strong packages to protect them from these harms all along the shipping and distribution processes.

Grapes also separated based on their colors, Cultivars, and sizes before being packed. Packaging makes their storage and transportation much easier and makes sure that the fruit gets to the destination in whole. The materials most common for these boxes are cardboard or sometimes plastic.

Grapes for export

Exports of grapes from Iran

Grapes are one of the main products of Iran, and more than 3% of the world’s grapes produced in Iran. Iran also has a big share of the International grape markets with its high quality productions. Iranian grapes exported to many different countries, especially Middle Eastern and West Asians.

Russia has one of the largest grape markets of the world and Iran is its main supplier. More than 70% of the Iranian grapes for export sent to the Russian Fruit markets every year. Iranian grapes are very popular among the Russian people, and they are always in high demands in their markets. Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates are also two big neighboring importers the quality Iranian table grapes.

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