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What is the taste of Iranian cucumber?Major production of cucumber in IranCucumber packaging in boxCucumber exports from IranHow to buy Iranian cucumbers?Iranian cucumber price
Iranian cucumbers

Iran is one of the biggest producers and exporters of cucumbers in the world, and has a great amount of lands in different cities, dedicated to cucumber production. These cucumbers are in high demand in international markets and a lot of big companies sell and buy Iranian cucumbers bulk.
Cucumbers are among the most common vegetables in the world and are very popular worldwide. Cucumbers are low in calories and have plenty of water and soluble fiber.
It makes them ideal for promoting hydration and helping to lose weight. They also contain some antioxidants that are really good for the blood flow and preventing heart disease.

Iranian cucumbers

What is the taste of Iranian cucumber?

Persian or Iranian cucumbers is one of the cultivars of this fruit that has its amazing characteristics and taste. Despite having a look at the usual English cucumber, it has a different taste. Persian cucumbers have a very thin skin and are a perfect choice for pickling or eating raw, unpeeled.
They also contain no or very little amount of seeds which makes them easier to consume and makes their flesh taste better. Persian cucumbers are also around 5 to 6 inches long in average. Some are known as the best cucumber in the world. Cucumbers in many European and American markets are in great demand.

Iranian cucumbers

Major production of cucumber in Iran

Iran is the 3rd biggest producer of cucumbers in the world with the production of more than two million tons, every year. There are more than 3500 hectares of green houses and open farms producing these cucumbers in Iran. Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran, Sistan and Baluchistan and Semnan have good weather conditions for cucumber production. These cities are the largest cucumber producer in Iran. The cucumber produced in these regions also has a very high quality and good taste.

Iranian cucumbers

Cucumber packaging in box

In the first stage of packaging cucumbers, they are sorted by their size. Iranian cucumbers also have a very delicate and thin skin and must be handled with care. Any cut and bruises in their skin will decrease their quality and taste.
The boxes for packaging these cucumbers must be strong enough to protect them from physical harms along the way. These packages must also keep the cucumbers away from extreme heat or cold, and keep them fresh until the distribution.

Iranian cucumbers

Cucumber exports from Iran

Iran exports an average of 200000 tons of cucumber every year to different countries of the world. The biggest customer of the Persian cucumbers is Russia, which doubled its cucumber import in the recent years.
Other major importers of Iranian cucumbers are the world, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. They buy these fruits from Iran in different seasons. Some of the Iranian cucumbers also exported to the European Union countries.

Iranian cucumbers

How to buy Iranian cucumbers?

There is a big amount of Iranian cucumbers exported and distributed in foreign countries. These cucumbers exported in both fresh and pickled forms. Persian cucumbers are mostly organic and do not contain and chemical pesticides or preservatives.
This fact makes them extremely popular in the International markets and stores. Exporting cucumbers is a big industry in Iran and Russia, Korea, Arabian countries are the biggest importers of this fruit.

Iranian cucumbers


Iranian cucumber price

There are a lot of farms and greenhouses producing a huge amount of fresh cucumbers all over Iran. Because of this amount of production and availability, the Persian cucumbers have a good and affordable price on the international market worldwide.
Due to the large number of greenhouses, cucumbers can harvested throughout the year. Also, exports not limited to one season.
Also organic cucumbers produce in open farms are more popular and a little bit more expensive. There lots of international fruit companies trading Persian cucumbers to all the corners of the world.