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Persian red bell pepperProduction of bell pepper in different cities of IranPackaged red bell pepperBell pepper exports from IranBuy red bell pepper
Buy red bell pepper

Bell peppers come in different colors and are enjoyed all over the world in many different dishes, for both their benefits and their food decoration properties. Iran is also one of the biggest producers of these peppers in Asia and a lot of other countries Buy red bell pepper of Iran for their markets.

These amazing sweet peppers are a great source of vitamin C and are very low in calories. They can be a great addition to the diet of people who watch their weight. And because of their different colors, they are often used to decorate the dishes. Red bell peppers are the healthiest among them and a lot of people buy bell peppers for their amazing benefits.

Buy red bell pepper

Persian red bell pepper

Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of different color bell peppers in both the Middle East and the world. Iranian bell peppers are grown in both greenhouses and open farms all over the country. Most of the central and southern states of Iran grow bell peppers in greenhouses because they use less water and have a higher production rate.

Iran has enough bell pepper production to supply its local markets and also export to many different countries as well. Iranian bell peppers are also extremely popular in the foreign markets and are known as a brand. Many companies and importing countries Buy red bell pepper from the sellers in Iran.

Buy red bell pepper

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Production of bell pepper in different cities of Iran

Bell peppers grown in most of the Iranian cities either in open farms or in greenhouses. The states of Yazd and Isfahan known as big bell pepper producing regions in Iran. Around 14 percent of the Iranian bell peppers produced in Yazd and many of these bell peppers are also for exports.

The climate of Yazd is perfect for producing high quality bell peppers suitable for exports. There are also more than 2500 greenhouses in Isfahan which expanded over hundreds of hectares and produce bell peppers. Many countries Buy red bell pepper from the products of these two states.

Buy red bell pepper

Packaged red bell pepper

Packaging is one of the most important steps in the process of exporting and distributing these sweet peppers. Companies usually separate the bell peppers according to their colors, before packaging them for exports. This is because of the fact that a lot of the customers Buy red bell pepper or other colors separately.

The packages used for bell peppers must be strong enough to protect them from physical harms along the way. They must also protected from heat. the companies make these boxes from plastic or cardboard and they come in different sizes with different capacities.

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Bell pepper exports from Iran

Iran is the biggest exporter of different color bell peppers in the region with the highest quality products. Most of the Iranian bell peppers sold to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. The largest countries that Buy red bell pepper from Iran are Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Iranian bell peppers mostly grown organic, which makes them more popular abroad.

The short distance between Iran and these importing countries have also made the whole process easier. This will result in lower transportation costs, which will make the whole trade more convenient.

Buy red bell pepper

Buy red bell pepper

Bell peppers usually separated before packaging and exports and there are a lot of importers that Buy red bell pepper separately. The bell pepper will turn to the color red, at the last stage of their farming process. Red bell peppers also proven to be the healthiest among all the bell peppers. Because of the fact that they stay on the plant for the longest, they absorb the most amount of nutrients the plant has to offer.

They have got 1.5 times more vitamin C than the green bell peppers. Iranian red bell peppers sold to many different countries in the region and they are very famous for their quality. They are extremely popular in the neighboring countries’ markets and are constantly in high demands.