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Direct export of Urmia apple to Russia

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Production of various types of apples in UrmiaSell apples in Russian marketsThe value of Urmia apple in RussiaGood quality apples packed in UrmiaExports of apples to Russia
Urmia apple

Urmia is one of the largest apple capitals in Iran and produces large amounts of high quality apples for both the local and international fruit markets every year. There are also a lot of direct export of Urmia apple to Russia, as a result of the two regions’ short distance and the high quality of the apples.

Iran is among the top ten producers of apples in the world, and also the largest producer of these precious fruits in the Middle East. On average, Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of fresh apples every year, and more than 100000 tons of them exported. There are many different cities of Iran which are famous for their products, like the Urmia apple.

Urmia apple

Production of various types of apples in Urmia

The city of Urmia is located in north west Iran and is one of the leader cities of Iran in terms of farming and high quality agricultural products. Urmia is the capital of West Azerbaijan state and they account for 1.2 million tons of the total 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran. There are around 53000 hectares of apple farms in this city and its surroundings.

Around 650000 tons of these Urmia apple are grade A, and are perfect for fresh consumption and local and international fruit markets. There also second and third grade products which sent directly to the factories. There  a lot of high quality side products made from these apples.

Urmia apple

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Sell apples in Russian markets

Russia is one of the biggest customers of the Iranian and Urmia apple. Most of the apple produced in the city of Urmia are from the internationally popular cultivars like the Red and Golden Delicious. These cultivars produced in some of the finest apple farms in the world with the best quality.

This quality and popularity, makes the sale of these apple very easy in the Russian and international markets. These apples also grown organically, and there is an international trend for these products. They also proven to be healthier and have healthier minerals and vitamins.

Urmia apple

The value of Urmia apple in Russia

There are many reasons besides their amazing quality and taste, which makes Urmia apple very valuable on the Russian markets. The most important of all is the distance between the producer and importing market. As it was mentioned earlier, the apples of Urmia grown organically.

This means that they do not receive any harmful chemical preservatives to extend their shelf lives. As a result, it absolutely essential for these apple to transported to the markets very fast, which made possible by the short distance. It will also help reduce the total transportation costs.

Urmia apple

Good quality apples packed in Urmia

Agriculture is a large part of the city of Urmia and accounts for a lot of jobs in this city. There are many storage and packaging facilities all over Urmia. The required transportation is also working very efficiently, and can transfer these apples as quick as possible.

As a result, the Urmia apple packaged and stored in a short time, and they will be ready for exports right after the harvest. The harvesting season always a very crowded time in this city as it becomes alive with apples. The packaged apples  then either distributed to the local markets within Iran or exported abroad.

Urmia apple

Exports of apples to Russia

Iran consumes only around 30% of the apples produced within the country. There also a large part of the apples which considered to low quality or industrial grade. These apples sent directly to the factories in order to make extracts and juices. These stats show that there is still a large part of the Iranian apples that exported to many different countries of the world including Russia.

Russia is among the best Iranian customers and is always a big importer of Urmia apple. The amount of Iranian apples sent to Russia every year exceeds thousands of tons, and they are always very popular in those markets. These annual apple exports are also very important for the country’s economy.

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