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Export Iranian Red Delicious apple

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Planting apple trees in IranProduction of Red Delicious apple in different cities of IranExport statistics of apple from IranPrices per ton of Iranian Red Delicious appleApple exports from Iran to neighboring countries
Red Delicious apple

Red apples are a symbol of health all over the world, and there are many famous red apple cultivars which grown all over the world on very large scales. Red Delicious is one of the most popular apple cultivars in the world and a lot of companies’ export Iranian Red Delicious apple every year.

Iran produces and exports large quantities of apples every year and Red Delicious apple are the most common apples among them. Iranian apples are extremely high quality and are full of different vitamins and nutrients. The apple exports of Iran exceeds hundreds of thousands of tons, and the Iranian apples are sent to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Red Delicious apple

Planting apple trees in Iran

Many different types of apples grown in different states of Iran which have different climates and produce high quality local apples. There more than 100 official Iranian apple cultivars, but most of them only grown locally and the vast majority of the Iranian apple farms dedicated to common international cultivars. Golden and Red Delicious apple are the two most common.

Combined, they account for more than 50% of the Iranian products. They mostly grown in the states in west and north west of the country. They specifically produced for exports to foreign markets, and fresh consumptions within the country.

Red Delicious apple

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Production of Red Delicious apple in different cities of Iran

Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of fresh apples every year and many of them are red. Red Delicious apple are the most common apple cultivar in the country. They account for 1.2 million tons of the total Iranian apple production, and also most of the Iranian exports.

They grown in many different cities of Iran, with different climates and conditions. The West Azerbaijan state is most famous for its apple productions which are mostly Red and Golden Delicious. Iranian apples produced in these cities also have the best qualities, and are popular on the foreign markets.

Red Delicious apple

Export statistics of apple from Iran

Iran produces more than 3% of the global apples, and has a 1% share of its exports markets. As said before, the most common Iranian cultivar is Red Delicious apple. Also most of the Iranian apples exported to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries near Iran.

The biggest importer of Iranian apples is the United Arab Emirates which purchases more than 60% of the apples on the market. The second biggest customer is Pakistan in the east with the amount of nearly 25%. There are also some minor exports to some European countries like Finland and Egypt in Africa.

Red Delicious apple

Prices per ton of Iranian Red Delicious apple

The wholesale prices of the Iranian Red Delicious apple exported from the country are different. First of all, these apple exported for fresh consumption and high quality products. The top shelf Iranian apples usually more expensive and sent only to the top markets.

There are also lower quality apples which exported for making side products like juices and extracts. These apples usually costs less and imported on large scales by factories making those products. The lower prices does not mean that they have a lower quality and some of them just physically deformed or small.

Red Delicious apple

Apple exports from Iran to neighboring countries

Most of the Iranian apples exported to the neighboring countries in the region. Many countries from the Middle East and West Asian regions, choose Iran as their number one apple supplier. These apple are also very popular on their markets, and usually sell really fast. It is also much easier for them to import apples from Iran, due to the short distance.

In this way, the apples reach the markets much faster and fresher, and also cheaper. The companies will have a lot of shipping methods available for the transportation. Among all of the apples which exported from Iran to these countries, Red Delicious apple are the most popular, and they owe this popularity to their high quality and amazing taste.

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