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Export of grapes from Iran

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Production of grapes from IranGrape harvest season in IranHigh quality grape packExport of grape from IranPrice for Iranian grapes
Export of grapes from Iran

Grape is a soft skin and juicy fruit that ripens from grape tree. Also grape is one of oldest plants that mankind learned how to cultivate that. It seem grape grows in all zones of world that have moderate whether. In Iran also this fruit cultivated and export of grapes from Iran is performed every year.

Export of grapes from Iran is depended on quality and quantity of production. Necessity of arrival to universal and international markets in agriculture crops, is obvious. One of methods in this target is optimize packing of fruit crops. Especially about grape that is a delicate fruit and needs more attention. Iranian grape every year exported to many countries.

Production of grapes from Iran

Most important countries that produce grape are France, Italy and Germany in Europe. Most amount of grape in America produced in California state. Iran is the 10th grape producer in world and about 3.3% of production of grape of world is for Iran. Grape of Kashmar county in Khorasan Razavi state is very famous.

Malayer city is universal city of grape. Iran in 2009- 2010 after china, Italy, America, Spain, France, Turkey, Shyly, Argentine and India had 2800 km2 area of grape cultivation. In this area Iran produced 2250000 ton grape in one year. Export of grapes from Iran to other countries is done by chief companies.

Export of grapes from Iran

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Grape harvest season in Iran

To planting grape bush, spring season is better than all. When weather is worming the young bush needs irrigation in every week. This bush will fruit after 4 years. When the bush becomes 10 years old it will have a complete yield. Grape harvest season in Iran is the end of summer. After that it’s the time for packing and transporting to buyer cities and countries. Iran produces more than 2 million ton grape in year. Export of grapes from Iran easily can done because of different genotypes of fruit and side-products like black current and raisin and so on.

Export of grapes from Iran

High quality grape pack

A matured bush of grape can have more than 200 kg fruit. High quality grape has large bunches. It has 14 %K vitamin, 7% B6 vitamin, 5% B1 and 5% B2 vitamins, 5% C vitamin, 4% manganese, and many of other elements.

Nowadays High quality grape pack is considerable by seller companies. Many researches have done and many scientific articles have been writing and now export of grapes from Iran performs with high quality pack. An important role of packing additional value to party of exported grape. Further, package has an important imaginary relation.

Export of grapes from Iran

Export of grape from Iran

According to report of Iran custom through first month of 1396, about 38-ton fresh grape exported from Iran. Main buyers of Iranian grape are Rusha, countries of Fars gulf district especially Oman and Emarat. Export of grapes from Iran divided to 4 groups:

  1.  fresh fruit
  2. dry fruit (different kinds of raisin, back current and so on)
  3. extracts of fruit (grape juice, vinegar…)
  4. fruit juice. Between the 4 parts fruit juice production is an industrial process, and the other 3 parts produced massive and wholesale.

Export of grapes from Iran

Price for Iranian grapes

Value of export of grapes from Iran first month of 1396 was19621 Dollar that equal to 636384770 Riyal. Price for grapes in Iranian markets is 2500-8000 Tomean. Although these prices in Iranian markets are swinger and need to pay attention for that by government and other related departments, but this prices  affected by quality of grape yield and pack of party of fruits.

Price for some products of grape like dry fruit because of light weight of them is debatable. Putting target about weight of these products is necessary.

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