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export of Iran’s Saveh pomegranates

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Production of pomegranates in SavehThe quality of Saveh pomegranatesAll varieties of pomegranates in Iran's SavehSour pomegranate and sweet pomegranateExport of pomegranatesPrice of  Saveh Pomegranate
Iran's Saveh pomegranates

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world and the fruit plays an important role in the country’s culture, and cuisines, and there are also a lot of cities famous for their pomegranates in Iran. Export of Iran’s Saveh pomegranates are also in very high demand right now.

The names of pomegranates and Iran are connected together through years and years of cultivation of the fruit. There are a lot of different cultivars of sweet and sour pomegranates produced in different states of the country every year.

Iranian pomegranates are also very well received in the big International markets, as one of the best in the world.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

Production of pomegranates in Saveh

On average, Iran produces around 800000 tons of pomegranates every year. Which makes it the biggest producer of the fruit in the whole world. Saveh is a city in the state of Markazi in the center of Iran. Which is well known for its high quality pomegranates all over the country.

. This city is also the biggest producer of pomegranates in Iran and its climate, is perfect for pomegranate farming. There are more than 150000 tons of different pomegranate cultivars produced annually in Saveh, in over 10000 hectares of land. Iran’s Saveh pomegranates fame also goes over the borders, and a lot of international companies, also deal in its productions.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

The quality of Saveh pomegranates

The city of Saveh is located in central Iran, and its climate is perfect for producing high quality sweet pomegranates.  Saveh also exports hundreds of tons of pomegranates to Middle Easter countries, and Russia and Germany every year.

The city known by Iranian by the name of Capital of pomegranates, the city’s economy is based on pomegranates. The pomegranates in Saveh are also mostly organic and do not receive any chemical pesticides and preservatives.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

All varieties of pomegranates in Iran’s Saveh

There are more than 760 official cultivars of pomegranates in all the regions of Iran. Also the number of these official cultivars in Saveh is 110. There are a lot of different cultivars that categorized by size, taste, juice, skin, color, and harvesting season.

The number of Iran’s Saveh pomegranates that produced on a commercial scale is around 17. These different cultivars come in various tastes and colors and both distributed to international and local markets.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

Sour pomegranate and sweet pomegranate

Iranian sweet pomegranates usually bigger and Juicier and are grown in the regions with warmer climates. The pomegranates need a lot of sunshine in order to ripen fully and sweeten.

That’s why you can find sweet pomegranate farms in the central and southern regions of Iran more often. Also and the pomegranates grown in the north are usually sourer. The sour pomegranates are very popular with some people, and also used to make side products like Paste.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

Export of pomegranates

Most of the world’s pomegranates exported to international and local markets for fresh consumption. There are also some pomegranates which made into side products.  Iran is also among the top exporters of pomegranates in the world because of the magnitude of the production.

Iran’s Saveh pomegranates also known as an international brand and are very popular. Iran exports most of its pomegranates to neighboring countries like Russia and Iraq.

Iran's Saveh pomegranates

Price of  Saveh Pomegranate

Pomegranates have always been very popular in the international and local markets. Also these days, there are a lot of information and promotion for pomegranate consumption because of their high nutritional values and benefits.

As a result of this awareness, a lot of countries are now producing pomegranates on a commercial scale. These new exporters, have made the pomegranate markets competitive, and all the main producers are trying to distribute the best quality pomegranates with the lowest of prices. Iranian Saveh pomegranates among the top quality well known species.

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