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Export of Persian bell peppers

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Difference Between Red, Yellow and Green Bell PeppersThe price per ton of bell peppersSorting and packaging of sweet peppersPersian bell peppers for exportThe price of bell peppers
Persian bell peppers

These healthy vegetables can be grown in both open farms and greenhouses, and come in different colors which makes them an ideal choice for designing the food. Iran is also one of the biggest producers of this vegetable and there are a lot of Export of Persian bell peppers to many countries, every year.

Sweet peppers or bell peppers are one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. And the different colors made them more popular. They are a great source of vitamin C and are useful in boosting the body’s immune system.

The country of Iran is also one of the biggest producers of these sweet peppers, and harvests them in both open farms and greenhouses.

Persian bell peppers

Difference Between Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers

Persian bell peppers come in a variety of colors from green to yellow, with some species being purple, brown, or even white. Technically speaking, all bell peppers are green at one point in their lives. Green bell peppers are the immature, unripe versions of other colors. If they stay on the plant for longer, they will turn yellow, orange, and finally red.

Green bell peppers are also lower in nutrients than all of the other peppers. And also studies have shown that red ripened bell peppers can contain up to 1.5 times more vitamin C, than the green colored ones.Even though, since bell peppers are used by many to design the food, all of the colors are popular worldwide.

Persian bell peppers

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The price per ton of bell peppers

The Persian bell pepper’s prices can vary a lot, in accordance to a lot of indicating factors. The first one is, the shape and size of the vegetables, and the bigger ones with the better shapes are more popular and expensive. Also green peppers are commonly cheaper.

They stay on the plant for a shorter period of time and as a result, have lower production costs. Since bell peppers can be grown in greenhouses, they are available all year long and the season of the harvest does not have a big impact on the price. Overall, bell peppers are one of the most affordable vegetables, all over the world.

Persian bell peppers

Sorting and packaging of sweet peppers

There are a few steps in the sorting and packaging of Persian bell peppers that must be taken before distribution and exports. In the first steps, bell peppers sorted according to their sizes and shapes. Usually they also separated by their colors and the defective ones picked out. Bell peppers have a very delicate skin and must protected at all times from physical harms and cuts.

As a results, the boxes used for bell pepper packaging, must be strong enough to protect them all along the way. They must also be kept away from heat and open air, in order to stay fresh for longer.

Persian bell peppers

Persian bell peppers for export

Bell peppers among the largest vegetables and fruits exported from Iran every year. Most of the Iranian bell peppers exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Russia is the biggest importer of Persian bell peppers in the world. Other big importers of Iranian bell peppers include Iraq, Azerbaijan, and the united Arab Emirate.

Iranian bell peppers are grown in both greenhouses and open farms. As a result, they are available all year long and can exported constantly. They also have a very high quality and are extremely popular and in high demands on the international markets.

Persian bell peppers

The price of bell peppers

The prices of bell peppers different all over the world based on different conditions. The final prices are usually lower in the bell pepper producing countries, and the shipment costs, will added in the importing regions. For example, the prices of Persian bell peppers are usually lower on the west Asian markets.

The short distance and the many borders between the countries have made the shipping process easier and much cheaper. As a result, west Asian companies are able to sell Iranian bell peppers on the markets with a lower transportation cost, and final price.  Also bell peppers from open farms cost more than bell peppers from the greenhouses. They considered to be more organic and natural.