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Exports of red sweetened peppers to Russia

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Sweet red peppers nutrition factsExports of red sweetened peppersRed Sweet Pepper For ExportPackaged sweet peppers in carton PlastBuy Iranian sweet peppers in Russia
Red sweetened peppers

Sweet bell peppers are among the main agricultural products of Iran which exported to many of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries of the region every year. Iranian bell peppers especially very popular in Russia, and the exports of red sweetened peppers to Russia, supplies a big part of their markets.

Red sweetened peppers of Iran are among the best and most nutritious bell peppers found in the world. They are the healthiest among all of the bell pepper colors and produced on very large scales in the Iranian open farms and greenhouses. They are also very strong plants, and can be grown in a variety of different climates all over the world.

Red sweetened peppers

Sweet red peppers nutrition facts

As it was discussed before, red sweetened peppers are the healthiest and most nutritious type of bell peppers, because they completely ripened. Bell peppers are rich in many vitamins and antioxidants, especially vitamin C and various carotenoids, and all of them are at their maximum amount in red peppers.

Studies show that the amount of vitamin C in these peppers are 1.5 times more than the green types. Red peppers also contain more than 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps the proper absorption of iron. Red bell peppers are high in vitamin A as well, which helps to support healthy eyesight.

Red sweetened peppers

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Exports of red sweetened peppers

Red sweetened peppers are among the main vegetable exports of Iran. They are also varying popular among the different bell pepper colors, which produced in the country. Many foreign countries, specifically import the high quality Iranian red sweet peppers for their best markets.

Iranian bell peppers have been among the top products in the foreign markets in terms of quality and popularity. These amazing vegetables packed with anti-oxidants are so beneficial for the body. As a result of these benefits, they used on a regular basis by many people from different countries.

Red sweetened peppers

Red Sweet Pepper For Export

Iran offers a big part of its red sweetened peppers for exports every year. Of course, most of these products distributed and consumed within the country. Bell peppers are very popular among the Iranian people, and used in many different Iranian dishes and cuisines.

A large part of them also set aside for exports, which sent to more than 20 different countries in the world. Most of these products sent to the Middle Eastern and West Asian countries in the region. They are in high demands in the foreign markets like the Russian fruit market, and usually sell very fast.

Red sweetened peppers

Packaged sweet peppers in carton Plast

All of the red sweetened peppers of Iran, have to go through packaging before exported to the foreign markets. The packaging makes their transportation and sale much easier. They are also there to protect the peppers from physical harms both during the transportation and storage.

Bell peppers are also very sensitive to heat and the packages keep them away from the sun. It is very common to separate the bell peppers before the packaging based on their colors, as some are more popular and in higher demands. It will also make their sale easier since many companies order specific colors.

Red sweetened peppers

Buy Iranian sweet peppers in Russia

Iranian bell peppers, and especially red sweetened peppers easily found in all of the fruit markets in the neighboring countries, including Russia. This country, supplies a large part of its vegetable markets from the high quality Iranian products. Both the open farm and greenhouse bell peppers of Iran exported to Russia.

Many Iranian and Russian companies are also trying to add them to their products. They are among the most popular and fastest selling products in the Russian markets. Generally, the open farm products more popular in those markets because they considered to be more natural and organic. They might also be a little bit more expensive, just like red bell peppers are.

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