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Exports of tree apples from Iran

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Apple farms in IranDifferent colors of tree apples in IranGood apple packing for exportExports of apple from IranIranian tree apples sales in world markets
tree apples

Iran is a main supplier of fresh apples in the Middle East, with the annual production of 3.7 million tons, which places the country among the top global producers of the fruit. Many of the Iranian and international companies are active in exports of tree apples from Iran to many different markets.

Iran produces large quantities of apples in different states of the country which all have different climates and can produce a wide variety of apple cultivars. Iranian tree apples are also very healthy and full of various nutrients and vitamins. They are a common product in the Iranian and Middle Eastern fruit markets and are always in high demands.

tree apples

Apple farms in Iran

There are more than 100 official cultivars of tree apples produced in the Iranian apple farms all over the country. These apples are bred for a wide variety of purposes including fresh consumption and making side products. The western and north western states of the country are the largest producers of apples in Iran, and most of the fresh consumption apples come from those farms.

The West Azerbaijan province is the largest producer of apples in the country and accounts for a lot of the exports as well. The two most common apple cultivars of Iran are the Red and Golden Delicious. They account for 2.2 million tons of the total Iranian apple production.

tree apples

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Different colors of tree apples in Iran

There are tree apples of all the main three red, green and yellow colors of apples produced in Iran. Also a large part of the apple production in Iran is for commercial purposes. As a result, most of the Iranian apple farms produce apples from the most common and popular apple cultivars.

The most common red and yellow apple produced in Iran are from the Red and Golden Delicious cultivars. They account for nearly 60% of the apple production in Iran, but there are red Fuji apples as well. The most common green apples of Iran are also from the high quality and popular Granny Smith cultivar.

tree apples

Good apple packing for export

Since Iran targets the fresh consumption markets of the world, it needs to export only its best apples. These markets might require a certain set of products, but they are much more profitable. The first grade tree apples packaged in nice boxes and shipped to these markets.

These apples are in perfect shape, and have a sweet and firm flesh which makes them ideal for these purposes. There are also tons of 2nd and 3rd grade Iranian apples which some people refer to them as industrial apples. These products mostly sent to factories to produce side products like juices and extracts.

tree apples

Exports of apple from Iran

As it was mentioned earlier, Iran is the main supplier of fresh tree apples in the Middle East and West Asia. Iranian products are very popular in these markets and always have many customers. The United Arab Emirates and Iraq are large Middle Eastern customers of these apples.

There are also lots of exports to Russia in the north, which supplies a large portion of its markets from these products. Besides these three major importers, the rest of the apples sent to other Asian markets like Azerbaijan and other countries. There are some minor exports to European countries as well.

tree apples

Iranian tree apples sales in world markets

The international apple markets, only require the best and highest quality apples of the world. So Iran is the best option for a lot of markets in the West Asian region. The countries of this area are all apple importers and have Iran in their neighborhood. Iranian apples have the perfect quality to considered first grade, and are easily available every year.

The tree apple farms of Iran mostly work with the traditional methods and produce high quality organic fruits. Organic apples have been proven to be more nutritious, and are also more popular on the international markets. As a result, Iran supplies a large portion of these markets, with thousands of tons of fresh high quality apples every harvesting season.

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