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Green kiwi exporters in Iran

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Kiwi cultivation in Iranian citiesExporting kiwi from IranThe main kiwi exporters in IranVitarad export and Import CompanyPrice per ton of kiwi
Kiwi exporters in Iran

The cultivation and exporting of kiwis have become very popular in the world over the past few decades, and nowadays, besides its origin country of China, kiwis produced in many other places. There are also a lot of green Kiwi exporters in Iran as the country is among the top producers of kiwis in the world.

Kiwis are rich in different minerals and nutrients, and all the Kiwi exporters in Iran use these benefits in their marketing and promotions.Almost kiwis packed with a ton of nutrients including folate, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, phytochemicals, and more.You must know kiwis are a good source of dietary fiber, which can be really filling and good for diets.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Kiwi cultivation in Iranian cities

Kiwi cultivation is not very old in Iran and only dates back to a few decades ago when kiwi first entered the country and was harvested in the farms in the north of the country. Because of the perfect climate conditions in the north of Iran, kiwi production quickly increased and Iran became one of the top producers of the world.
Iranian kiwis produced in the three northern states of Iran right under the Caspian Sea. Also these Iranian kiwis considered among the best in the world quality wise and there are a lot of big and small active kiwi exporters in Iran. Iranian kiwis mostly exported to Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

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Exporting kiwi from Iran

Kiwi exporters in Iran are very active every year around the harvesting season of the kiwis in Iran. Kiwis only produced on large scales in very few countries of the world like Iran, China and New Zealand. New Zealand is the biggest exporter of kiwis in the world. But since New Zealand located on the southern hemisphere, they have a different harvesting season than Iran.
Iranian kiwis mostly harvested in autumn, and the New Zealand kiwis in spring, which is very good for Iran. This eliminates the need to compete with the biggest name in kiwis in the world.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

The main kiwi exporters in Iran

Most of the Iranian kiwis which are set for exports are handled by the many local fruit companies. Kiwi exporters in Iran also mostly send these products to the foreign markets themselves. This means that they collect and package the kiwis themselves and ship them through the land or sea borders of the country.
There are also some companies that work with foreign exporters and send these products to the markets through the help of them. The most important thing is that Iranian kiwis are very well known on the markets. This fact makes it easier for the companies to sell them abroad.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Vitarad export and Import Company

Vitarad is one of the largest fruit trading companies In the country, which also one of the biggest kiwi exporters in Iran. They are very well known among the foreign importers of the Iranian kiwis and other fruit. The quality of the products offered by Vitarad company have always been satisfactory to the customers.
Vitarad fruit trading companies usually collect and package the finest quality kiwis from the Iranian farms and local markets. These fruits checked for the quality and packaged according to the latest global standards. Also, Iran currently exports mostly green Hayward kiwis.

Kiwi exporters in Iran

Price per ton of kiwi

The price per ton of kiwis set through a series of factors that affect the final retail and wholesale prices of kiwis. Kiwi exporters in Iran also sell the highest quality Iranian kiwis to many countries of the world. The wholesale prices of kiwis depend a lot of the transportation costs and the destination countries. There are also the packaging costs for exports that need to be taken into account.
Since kiwis are among the fruit that harvested while unripe, their packaging process is easier and cheaper. Also green and golden kiwis have different prices and the most popular green kiwi type is the Hayward. Most of the kiwis exported from Iran are of this cultivar which has a wholesale global prices.

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