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Iran apple exporters

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The best apple growing areasHarvest time of Golden and red applesIndia is a large market for Iranian apple fruitsIran apple exporters
Iran apple exporters

There are many Iran apple exporters , but whether all these collections have enough information about the markets and standards of the country or not. There are some companies that have no activity in the field of apple fruits and trade this product due to the fact that they receive orders from foreign markets.
Therefore, it is better to have collections in this field that have both a very high level of experience and know what kind of apple fruit is needed for the country they intend to export. What kind of apple fruit do the citizens of that country like the most?
Apple fruit packaging for the target country, the type of sorting and many other things that are very important, are the main aspects in the export of apple fruits, each of which must be observed and done according to the principles.

The best apple growing areas

One of the things that should be considered when buying and exporting apple fruits is the harvest area of this product. In almost all of Iran, different varieties of apples with different quality levels are produced and harvested.
Now you need to see which area apples and which area apples benefit your target market. This means that if you don’t have enough information about these items, your export product may lose its quality during the distance it has with your target community.
In this article, we will tell you which provinces have the best tree apples, but you can buy the apples of which province have the highest quality apples with the participation of our consultants in horticulture and trade.

  • West Azerbaijan Province
  • East Azarbaijan
  • Tehran
  • Esfahan
  • Fars
  • Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari
  • Kohkluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

All these areas that we mentioned, good apples are harvested from their orchards, which have the highest level for export.
Therefore, Iran apple exporters can increase the volume of their exchanges with foreign customers by observing and planning correctly at the time of purchase.

Harvest time of Golden and red apples

The highest amount of purchase, sale and export of apples in Iran is related to golden and red apples, which differ from one week to one month compared to the above-mentioned regions.
The difference in harvest time of each of these areas is related to the weather and the cold and mountainous areas, which causes the apples to color a little later and their sugar to be full.
Autumn apples in some of these areas start in late September and last up to a month, and in some areas start in late October. In almost all of this logic, the harvesting process takes about a month, and according to the packages learned by Iranian gardeners from previous years, they are placed in 10 kg plastic baskets and transported to cold storage.
Iran apple exporters fruits and collections that intend to work and cooperate in this field, we will provide you with the whole process from zero to 100.
Vitarad Trading Company, with its dense orchards and 8,000 ton cold storage in Urmia, has always done all these things correctly every year and has attracted many customers from various foreign markets.

Iran apple exporters

India is a large market for Iranian apple fruits

One of the markets that has been the main export center of Iranian apple and Iran apple exporters every year is India. The country has large orchards of this fruit in the Kashmir region, but after the completion of apples in this region in November, it imports a large number of red apples from Iran and other countries that produce this fruit.
The country’s population of over one billion has made India the largest apple market in Iran. Therefore, annually more than 700,000 tons of the best red apples in Iran to different states of this country

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Cochin

Are sent and exported by Iran apple exporters .

Citizens of India have different tastes and sales in the Indian market have always been in the form of baskets, and due to the high population of each family, they buy in the form of baskets.
Therefore, the more apples there are in each basket, the cheaper it will be for them.

Iran apple exporters

Most of the orders we have from Indian customers, they request to buy red apples from 100 grams to 160 grams, which is done in 10 kg basket packages.
But there are also apples that we demand from this market and apples with a size of more than 200 grams. That is, from 120 to over 220 grams. Provided that the type of sort is done separately.
That is, size 120 to 150 should be in a separate basket, size 150 to 180 should be sorted separately, and 180 grams and above should be done in another package.
Fortunately, Vitarad trading system has been such that, using modern technology, it has been able to sort all the requests received from foreign markets with a machine sorting machine and start selling.


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