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Iran banana importers Phone Number

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Buy bananas in IranBanana Producing CountriesBanana imports to IranMost famous Iran banana importersImporting bananas by Vitarad company to Iran
Iran banana importers

Iran is one of the biggest destinations of exported bananas in the world, and accounts for a big part of the country’s imports. There are a lot of companies, active in this area of trades and Iran banana importers Phone Numbers are available, for all big producers of this popular fruit.

Bananas have been one of the most popular fruits in the world. For a long time, and the banana industry, is one of the biggest agricultural industries worldwide.

These fruits have found their way into every regions cuisines and well known everywhere. Iran banana importers are also active all year long and supply the local market’s demands quickly.

Iran banana importers

Buy bananas in Iran

The people of Iran consume a lot of bananas every year. And this fact have made Iran, one of the biggest importers of the fruit in the world. These high amounts of imports that sometimes reaches to more than 700000 tons a year, attracts a lot of local and international companies. There also around 50000 tons of bananas being produced in the southern states of Iran every year.

These productions however, are not enough to supply the local markets. Banana imports account for around 2% of the total weight of Iranian imports, and around 1.2% of the total import value. Iran banana importers are some of the biggest fruit companies in Iran.

Iran banana importers

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Banana Producing Countries

More than 150 million tons of bananas produced in the world every year. India and China are the biggest producers of the fruit with 29.1 and 13.1 million tons of annual production, respectively. Bananas are tropical fruits and are grown in most South American countries as well.

Ecuador is the 5th biggest producer of bananas, but the largest exporter.  Ecuador holds about 25% of the total banana export market. Its products are also being sent to more than 70 countries all over the world. Iran banana importers also get some of their supplies from big producing countries like Ecuador and India.

Iran banana importers

Banana imports to Iran

Iran is one of the biggest importers of bananas in the world. Bananas are tropical fruits, and there are not enough regions with banana farming climates in Iran. So the production in the southern states does not meet the local market’s needs. On average, Iran’s banana imports get as high as 700000 tons every year, which makes Iran a target for all banana companies.

Different types of bananas imported to Iran from Asian and South American countries all year long. Philippines is the number one exporter of bananas to Iran followed by India and South American countries like Ecuador.

Iran banana importers

Most famous Iran banana importers

There are a lot of big companies and business people, acting as Iran banana importers. More the 40% of the bananas imported to Iran are from Philippines. Ecuador and India are also among the top 5 exporters of the Fruit to Iran. Most of the South American bananas imported to Iran through Turkey. And the East Asian bananas also sent to Iran, mostly through the UAE.

Bananas the biggest imported fruits in Iran and account for almost 2% of the country’s total imports. Banana industry in Iran is a multi-million dollar industry, and attracts the biggest local and international companies.

Iran banana importers

Importing bananas by Vitarad company to Iran

Vitarad is among the largest active fruit companies in Iran. It also accounts for a large sum of the total imports done by Iran banana importers. The bananas imported by Vitarad company are of the highest quality available and imported from different parts of the world. Also large parts of the bananas by Vitarad company, imported from India.

India, as the largest producer of the fruit in the world, has some of the best banana plantations in the world. There also different varieties of bananas imported by the company. With the largest being the popular Cavendish banana, which the biggest cultivated banana in the world. Bananas also imported while they green and get ripened during or after transportation.

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