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Iran banana importers

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Banana production in worldIndian banana productionBanana imports to IranIran banana importers companyWholesale bananas in IranBanana prices in stores
Iran banana importers

Iran banana importers have always had the largest share in the import of all kinds of fruits to the country, so that in some years the share of bananas from the total import of fruits weighed more than 70% and worth more than 75%.
However, Iran has had very little banana exports, so that the share of banana from Iran’s fruit exports does not even reach 0.5%.
Banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world. It’s easy to use and has many benefits that have made it a distinctive feature among the fruits. Traditional medicine considered banana as a hot and energetic fruit, whose nutritional value is equal to meat, but does not have fat. With its very lovely tasting, you can not find someone who does not like this fruit.

Iran banana importers

Banana production in world

Bananas have the best possible conditions for absorbing vitamins A and C in the body. Iron, phosphorus, calcium from bananas produce energy bombs in body. The unique banana features have brought market demand for these fruits and products to a high level. Naturally, the above conditions will make the production and trading of this fruit a boon. Iran is one of the largest banana importers in the world, because people who like this fruit. The world’s leading banana producers, based on the latest FAO report, are India, China, the Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador.

Iran banana importers

Indian banana production

With over 16 million tons of banana per year, India has the highest rank among the producers of banana. As you know, many banana importers have chosen India to buy the product especially yellow banana. Banana is a special fruit; then, we can not buy it from any country. Because some countries specialize in its production and can offer better products rather than other countries. These producers are very important for banana importing companies.

Iran banana importers

Banana imports to Iran

In 2017, Iran importers imported banana fruit cost more than 544 million and 408 thousand dollars from 7 countries. Most of that imported banana came from the countries of South-East Asia and South America.
In general, we can say that Iran’s imported banana comes from the Philippines, Ecuador, India, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. Banana imports from Turkey and the UAE to Iran are intermediary. They are the products of the South American and Southeast Asian countries.

Iran banana importers

Iran banana importers company

Imported bananas grow on best farms, under the supervision of agricultural and horticultural experts. They rinse, process and package them in well equipped and modernized methods. Import and supply of green bananas to Iran are from the most prominent producers in the countries of Ecuador, India. Green banana is a recommendation for major merchants and large consumer organizations and importer companies.

Iran banana importers

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Wholesale bananas in Iran

Importer companies using the modern colorful banana equipment have the potential to supply the colored banana to the consumer.
Thus given importers need to market the first grade banana it is very important to select producers who produce high quality products. You can buy high quality banana in Iran from our website by wholesale price.

Iran banana importers

Banana prices in stores

Given the effect of the price fluctuations of the dollar it is that the price of fruits has increased significantly. The price of imported fruits, including bananas, depends on the country of production. For example, bananas in India are of higher quality than the banana in Pakistan and, consequently, of a higher price.
But our website is able to bring high quality fruits including bananas, at the most affordable prices tithe consumer.