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Iran red apple fruit price

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The standard stiffness of applesIran red apple fruit priceWhich areas of Urmia are better for buying apples?Red apple exports to Mumbai
Iran red apple fruit price

The Iran red apple fruit price and in different regions from 10,000 to 15,000 Tomans is bought and sold in cold storages, which is done by basket packaging and hand sorted.
If you are planning to buy different varieties of autumn tree apples for export, it is better to choose the best apples in each city. This is because the longer you want to keep it in the cold storage, the longer.
But apples that have a shorter shelf life can only be stored for three to four months, and then you have to sell them as soon as possible.
That is why it is very important to buy export apple fruits so that you can maintain foreign markets and invite many customers to cooperate.

The standard stiffness of apples

Any apple fruit that has a high shelf life, naturally has a high degree of hardness or the same firmness, which causes a long time to be stored in the cold storage.
If you want to know what the standard hardness of apples is, we must inform you that there are many areas in Iran that have the best quality apple fruits, the hardness of which is tested by our experts every year, the number shows 16 and above.
Note that if the hardness of the apple is less than 16, its shelf life will be low and therefore will not benefit foreign markets.
Buying bulk apple fruits with a high percentage of hardness can help you to reach large foreign markets. Customers and buyers are always looking for good apples, and there may be few companies in Iran that are careful about these things and want to follow them.

Iran red apple fruit price

Iran red apple fruit price

If you are active in the field of apple fruit trade, you should know that the Iran red apple fruit price is one of such factors, and of course you should know where and in which areas you can buy good apple in high volume.
In this article, we refer to a series of these cities that can help you in buying apples.

One of the areas that foreign customers have always asked us for is apples

  • Mianeh
  • Maragheh
  • Padna
  • Shiraz
  • Oshnaviyeh
  • Urmia
  • Damavand

According to what we have mentioned in previous articles, not all areas in these cities have good apples, and each region has good and bad areas, and we will mention one of these cases.

Iran red apple fruit price

Which areas of Urmia are better for buying apples?

As you know, Urmia has the highest apple harvest in Iran and almost all areas are different apple orchards.
But it should be noted that not all areas in the city have quality apples for export. In fact, for countries that have a longer distance with Iran, they have less durability.
Or not suitable for countries that have always bought luxury apples from Iran. Therefore, it is better to be very careful in buying your export apples so as not to suffer losses and as a result, do not lose your customer.

The best areas of Urmia where the Iran red apple fruit price have a higher level of quality can be:

  • Barandooz area
  • Margavar
  • Targavar
  • Sero

pointed out that the villages located in these areas have apples that are both good in color for export and their quality and whiteness, each of which can have a great impact on increasing the market efficiency of this fruit in foreign markets.

Red apple exports to Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most important and populous states in India and the port of Nhawa Shiva is considered as one of the important ports of this state. Annually, the largest amount of red apple exports to India has been through this port.
In Mumbai, the citizens of this country always buy red apple fruits in the domestic market. In fact, he wanted this type of apple more than any other apple.
For this reason, large apple importers in India, which cooperate with Vitarad Trading in Iran, request the best types of apples in different grades.
Exports of red apples to India in 2021, according to our research, will begin in late September, and we hope to have the highest level of cooperation with Indian traders this year.
The Iran red apple fruit price in India has always been competitive, and this has led to an increase in the purchase of red apples by Indian customers, year by year.

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