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Iranian apple fruit wholesalers

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Iranian apple fruitApples prices in Iran marketIranian apple exportsApple fruit wholesalersPrices of apples exported from Iran
Apple fruit wholesalers

All over the world, apples are extremely popular and always account for a big part of the international fruit trade, all year long. It is also one of the main agricultural products of the country Iran, and Iranian apple fruit wholesalers send large shipments to many countries of the world.

Apples are among the most popular and produced fruits in the world. With China, the USA, and Poland leading the world in production amounts.

Iran is also produces apples on a commercial scale and is the biggest producer of this fruit among Middle Eastern countries. Apple fruit wholesalers from Iran send most of their products to the neighboring countries.

Iranian apple fruit

Iranian apple fruit

Iran is the biggest producer of Apples in the Middle Ease and one of the biggest worldwide. Iran produces around 3.7 million tons of fresh apples over 250000 hectares of open farms. The different climates of different cities in Iran, allows for a wide variety of species, to be farmed in Iran. There are also 79 official local Iranian apples, which are farmed in different regions.

Iranian apple fruit

Even though, most of the apples produced in Iran are from the more internationally recognized species like Red Delicious or Fuji. Every year, the apple fruit wholesalers of Iran export around a third of these fruit productions to more than 20 countries from all over the world.

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Apples prices in Iran market

Apple prices in Iran can vary from city to city. Some Iranian cities are apple producers and supply their markets from local products. The prices in these cities are usually lower, since there is no transportation or distribution costs.

Non-producing cities need to export their apples from another city. These transactions are usually done by the local apple fruit wholesalers. Who shop directly from the farmers or from the local fruit companies of the producing cities. As a result of these actions, the transportation and distribution costs are added to these products. And prices are usually a little higher in these cities.

Iranian apple fruit

Iranian apple exports

Apples are one of the biggest of the Iranian farming products. They are also a big part of the country’s economy. . Iranian apples also have a really high quality and are in high demands on the international fruit markets. Iranian officials have reported of a record breaking amount of 800000 tons of apple exports last year. And also this figure expected to increase as well.

Most of the Iranian Apples Go to Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. With some being exported to Russia. There are also some exports to Russia done by Iranian apple fruit wholesalers every year.

Iranian apple fruit

Apple fruit wholesalers

Apple fruit wholesalers in Iran are extremely active. There are more than 3 million tons of apples harvested in Iran every year. A third of this amount exported and the rest distributed to the local markets. Most of these steps are done by apple wholesalers in Iran.

These wholesalers usually collect the apples from different farms or local shops. And store them in their own facilities, for both international export, and local distribution purposes. Some of these wholesalers send the apples to the international markets themselves. And some sell their fruit to big international trading companies.

Iranian apple fruit

Prices of apples exported from Iran

Price of the exported apple from Iran can change depending on a lot of factors. Apples are available all year long in Iran due to the different climates available in different cities. But some month’s apples have more quality and are more expensive than the rest. Also the type of the apples produced is very important.

And most on the apples farmed in Iran are from internationally favorite species like the red and Golden Delicious, or Fuji. Some of these varieties are more expensive among the apple fruit wholesalers. Also, the shipment method and the distance between the two trading companies, will set the final market price of the apples. After all, Iranian apples are very popular on the international markets worldwide.