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Iranian cucumber sales in Russian markets

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Appearance of Iranian CucumberWhat are the benefits of Iranian cucumbers?Buy different kinds of cucumbers in RussiaCucumber export from IranCucumber sales in Russian markets
Iranian cucumber

The cucumbers produced in Iran exported to most of the Middle Eastern markets and they are among the most popular products there and are always in such high demands. Particularly, Iranian cucumber sales in Russian markets are huge and a big part of the Iranian vegetable exports.

Cucumbers produced in large commercial quantities in Iran and they are also the largest Iranian greenhouse products. There are many different types of Iranian cucumbers, and all of them have the required quality to exported to the top markets of the world. They mostly used for fresh consumption, but they will also be perfect for pickles

Iranian cucumber

Appearance of Iranian Cucumber

More than 100 cultivars of Iranian cucumbers grown in different parts of the country, but the most common varieties the barbed and Persian cucumbers. Persian cucumbers generally used for fresh consumption both within the country and on the international markets.

These cucumbers are long and thin, with a flesh that comes with no or very few seeds. The flesh of the cucumber also tastes sweet and is not bitter like many international cultivars. Barbed cucumbers also seedless and sweet, but come with small barbs all over their skin. Besides being enjoyed raw, these cucumbers are among the best for making pickles.

Iranian cucumber

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What are the benefits of Iranian cucumbers?

Like many other cucumbers in the world, Iranian cucumbers are also full of different nutrients and vitamins. Cucumbers are low in calories and contain a good amount of water and soluble fiber. This makes them ideal for promoting hydration and aiding in weight loss.

Cucumbers contain antioxidants, including flavonoids and tannins, which prevent the accumulation of harmful free radicals. They can also reduce the chances of many diseases in the body. Cucumber can also help lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes related complications, and overweigh people.

Iranian cucumber

Buy different kinds of cucumbers in Russia

Russia is among the top five producers of cucumbers in the world, and has even more production than Iran. But on the other hand, the cucumber production in this country is also very high. So as a result, Russian importers purchase large quantities of Iranian cucumbers for their local markets.

The most common cucumber types imported to Russia barbed and Persian cucumbers. These cucumbers have the international standards required for any top global market and are very popular on those markets. The short distance between these countries is also a great help to the exports.

Iranian cucumber

Cucumber export from Iran

Growing cucumbers in open farms requires a lot of water, which is not very popular in the Middle East. Iran on the other hand is the only country of the region to produce high quantities of these products with the best quality.

So many of the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries prefer to supply their markets with Iranian cucumbers. Russia is their biggest customer in the north. The United Arab Emirates and Iraq are also large Middle Eastern customers of the Iranian vegetables. The high quality of these cucumbers made many companies interested in their exports and imports.

Iranian cucumber

Cucumber sales in Russian markets

Russia is among the largest importers of Iranian cucumbers, and large quantities of these vegetables shipped to the Russian markets every year. Russia purchases these cucumbers for both fresh consumption and pickle making. Top grade cucumbers usually exported to the daily markets of the country.

On the other hand, barbed and second grade Persian cucumbers sent to factories to make high quality pickles. The thin skin of these Iranian cucumbers makes their pickles extra crunchy and popular. A large part of the cucumbers turned into pickles within the country and exported in jars as well. Overall, Russia supplies its large cucumber markets from the high quality products of Iran.

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