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Iranian cucumbers exports to neighboring countries

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Production of cucumbers in IranIranian cucumbers exportsCucumber exports to IraqExports of barbed cucumbers to RussiaIranian cucumber prices in neighboring countries
Iranian cucumbers exports

Cucumbers have been one of the most common vegetables consumed by people for thousands of years, and is still one of the largest agricultural products of Iran. Iranian cucumbers exports to neighboring countries exceeds thousands of tons, and supplies most of the markets in the Middle East.

Besides being extremely popular, cucumbers are also rich in different vitamins and nutrients and can be a great addition to everybody’s diet. They are also a great source of water and can protect the body and skin from dehydration, especially in warmer months of the year. Iranian cucumber exports are very popular in the region, and are also very high quality.

Iranian cucumbers exports

Production of cucumbers in Iran

Iran is among the top ten producers of cucumbers in the world, and different cultivars of high quality cucumbers are grown in different regions of Iran. There are more than 20 different climates in various regions of Iran, and it allows the farmers to grow different cultivars.

These cucumbers are also grown in both greenhouses and open farms. Cucumbers are the number one greenhouse products in Iran, and a large part of Iranian cucumbers exports are also from greenhouses. Greenhouses are more common in the central and southern states of Iran because they require less water. The quality is also as high as the farm products.

Iranian cucumbers exports

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Iranian cucumbers exports

Iran has lots of cucumber production every year, and it is more than enough to supply all of the local markets. There are also large amounts of Iranian cucumbers which are set to export. Every year, thousands of tons of high quality products packaged and exported to foreign markets.

Most of the Iranian cucumbers exports goes to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. There are also some minor exports to some European countries as well. Iranian cucumbers used for both fresh consumption and making pickles in the factories and markets all across the world.

Iranian cucumbers exports

Cucumber exports to Iraq

Iraq is among one of the popular destinations for the Iranian cucumbers exports. Iraq located on the west of Iran, and the two countries have a lot of land borders. These will allow for shorter, cheaper and better transportation methods which can reduce the export costs.

These reduced expenses makes the trades more profitable for both parties and the importing companies more interested. Iraq is now one of the largest importers of cucumbers from Iran and large quantities of cucumbers exported there, every year. The exports include both greenhouse and open farm cucumbers.Iranian cucumbers exports


Exports of barbed cucumbers to Russia

Barbed cucumbers are a large and exciting part of Iranian cucumbers exports. They are more common among the farms in the north of Iran, because they require a lot of water. They used both for fresh consumption and making prickles on both the local and international markets. These cucumbers have got small dots all over their skin, and a sweet, crunchy, and seedless flesh.

They have also got very thin skins which attributes for their pickle making capacity. Russia in the north, imports large quantities of these barbed cucumbers every year for both fresh eating markets and factories.

Iranian cucumbers exports

Iranian cucumber prices in neighboring countries

There are many different prices for the Iranian cucumbers exports, as every case is different and has got its own characteristics. First of all, there are many different cucumber cultivars in Iran. Each of these varieties has a different price on the international markets and used for a different purpose. The high quality Persian cucumbers usually exported for fresh consumption.

These cucumbers have got a sweet seedless flesh and thin skin which makes them suitable for eating raw. Many of the Iranian barbed cucumbers also exported to many factories every year to make high quality pickles. These cucumbers used for fresh consumption as well, but are really perfect for pickle making.

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