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Iranian grapes for exports

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Iranian grape varietiesGrape vineyards in different cities of IranSeedless grapes for exportIranian grape exportsIranian Grape Prices for Export
Iranian grapes

Grapes one of the main products produced by the Iranian vineyards from all over the country and they are all of the highest quality. There a lot of different types of grapes cultivated in Iran and besides satisfying all of the local markets, there are a lot of Iranian grapes for exports every year.

Grapes are one of the most amazing and nutritious fruits in the planet and Iranian grapes are among their best. There have been a lot of different studies which connected the grapes with the prevention of the Alzheimer’s disease. These fruits also can help your body create and maintain collagen, which is an essential protein found in hair and skin.

Iranian grapes

Iranian grape varieties

There are more than 600 official cultivars of Iranian grapes which produced in different regions of the country with different climates and soils. The best high quality table grapes of Iran produced in areas with warm and dry climates.
Iran accounts for around 3.3% of the total grape production in the world and also is one of the biggest exporters of the fruit as well. Some of the most famous Iranian grape cultivars are Asgari, Rish Baba, and Shahroud, which also come in different colors. The grapes produced in Iran are also extremely healthy and full of nutrients. They are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants that helps the body’s immune system.

Iranian grapes
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Grape vineyards in different cities of Iran

Iran is the 8th biggest producer of grapes in the world with more than 3 million tons of production every year. Iranian vineyards also expanded in over 294000 hectares of lands in different states of the country. Different states have different climates and grow various varieties of grapes.
The state of Fars is the biggest producer of grapes in Iran and produces a lot of high quality exporting grade grapes. There around 13 tons of Iranian grapes harvested from each hectare of vineyards. A large part of these products also dried out to make raisins and other side products like juices.

Iranian grapes

Seedless grapes for export

Actually, almost all of the Iranian grapes which set for exports seedless. The Iranian seedless grapes come in different colors like green, red and even black. They have a vibrant color, thin skin, and a very sweet and firm flesh which makes them perfect for fresh consumption.
These grapes also have a very short shelf life and the biggest challenge is to get them to the importing markets as fresh as possible. They are also organic, which means they did not receive any chemical preservatives during harvest. This fact will assure the customers of the quality and the freshness of grapes.

Iranian grapes

Iranian grape exports

Grapes are one of the main agricultural exports of Iran and they bring a lot of income for the country. Since most of the Iranian grapes which exported are high quality table grapes, they have a higher price. These high prices of these grapes helps the economy of the country and vineyard owners.
Russia is one of the biggest importers of grapes in the world and Iran is one of its favorite suppliers. Iran exports a large part of its table grapes to Russia every year, and they are very high demanding in the Russian markets. The grapes sent to Iraq, United Arab Emirates and other countries as well.

Iranian grapes

Iranian Grape Prices for Export

There are a lot of different Iranian grapes with different prices on the international markets. Most of the grapes exported by Iran, are of the local cultivars which cannot be found in any other parts of the world. Also the larger seedless grapes of Iran in different colors considered table grapes and are very popular. These grapes are generally more expensive than the seeded types. The seeded grapes also exported as well, but mostly used to make side products like grape juice and extracts.
Most of the Iranian products  exported at the end of the summer and during the month of September, like the European countries. So, the grape market for Iran is extremely competitive and the prices should be moderate.

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