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Iranian Red Delicious apple tree export

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The Iranians produce applesCities producing red delicious apple in IranThe best quality of Red Delicious apple treeExports of apple from IranIranian apple prices in buyer's countries
Red Delicious apple tree

Red Delicious are one of the most popular apple cultivars in the world, and produced and traded by many countries of the world on very large commercial scales. Iran is Also a big producer of these healthy fruits and there are a lot of Iranian Red Delicious apple tree exports, every year.

Almost a third of the Iranian apple products are from the well-known and popular Red Delicious apple tree. They have a vibrant red color completed with a firm flesh, sweet taste, and smooth skin. They are also considered to be very healthy because they are full of natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, which is a great way to boost your immune system.

Red Delicious apple tree

The Iranians produce apples

The apples produced in Iran are different in terms of quality and appearances, not only because of their cultivars, but because of the effects of the many different climates in the country. Red Delicious apples tree the largest cultivars of apples produced in Iran. Around 1.2 million tons of the total 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran, are of the world famous Red Delicious cultivar.
These apples will supply all of the local markets demands and the first grade one will also exported. They are very popular in the foreign markets and are always in high demands. They are also grown with organic methods and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Red Delicious apple tree

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Cities producing red delicious apple in Iran

Urmia is one of the biggest producers of Red Delicious apple trees in Iran. But it’s not always about the quantity of the produced apples and some are looking for the best. The apples in these regions also considered the best apples in the country in terms of quality. They owe this to the perfect apple growing climate of the north west Iran.
They are also grown organic and without the use of chemical pesticides and preservatives which can improve their quality ad taste a lot. Organic fruits have also been proven to be healthier and more nutritious that the Chemically grown fruits and apples.

Red Delicious apple tree

The best quality of Red Delicious apple tree

Most of the Iranian Red Delicious apple trees produced in the north west states of the country. These states have the perfect climate for producing high quality Red Delicious apples. The West Azerbaijan province is the biggest producers of apples in Iran.
Also the apple produced in this region are very high quality and top grade, that most of the country’s exports supplied by this state. There are also other regions in the country that have the appropriate climate for other popular apple cultivars. The products of this state also distributed to the local markets in the country, as well.

Red Delicious apple tree

Exports of apple from Iran

Many of the Middle Eastern countries do not produce large amounts of apple. But since apples are one of the most popular and favorite fruits in the world, they have to import them. Iran is the biggest producer of apples in the region and is the best choice for these markets. Iranian apple are of the highest quality and because of the short distance, they could be transported much faster.
This will allow for lower transportation costs and also the products will arrive at the markets fresh. Most of the apple exported by Iran are of the Golden and Red Delicious apple tree which are in very high demands.

Red Delicious apple tree

Iranian apple prices in buyer’s countries

The prices of the Iranian products over at the international foreign markets could be very different according to various factors. Iran is one of the biggest producers of apples in the world and has a big share of the export market as well. But there are also a lot of European and Asian countries with higher productions, which dominate the markets.
Most of their products are also of the popular cultivars like Red Delicious apple tree. So as a result, there will be a set reference price or these types of apples exported by the Iranian companies. Many of the big global producers are also located in the northern hemisphere. So their harvesting season will be the same as Iran’s and that will make the markets more competitive.

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