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Iranian Rish Baba grape for exports

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Iranian Rish baba grapeFeatures and benefits of Iranian Rish baba grapeIranian Rish baba grape for exportsGrape cultivationRish baba is a grape cultivarVarieties of Rish Baba grape colorsCities producing Rish Baba grape in IranBuy grapes from IranExport Grapes From IranGrape Exporter Companies from IranGrape prices of the Vitarad company
Iranian Rish baba grape for exports

In recent years Iranian Rish baba grape is one of the best grapes for exports and more times exported to Russia. This crop usually is uploading in 8 kilogram plastic box. It is in 20 tone container when is not pure and 18500 kilo gram when pure. Rish baba grape has features that many people prefer to buy that.

Iranian Rish baba grape

Rish baba grape has better growth in cold regions and it grows in these states: Western Azerbaijan, Eastern Azerbaijan, Hamedan and Qazvin. This grape is a favorable species and has many demanders and buyers. It is one of export crops so that the exporter companies pay especial attention to this fruit and provide that for many countries in world.

Iranian Rish baba grape is sweeter and more delicious than other grape strains and is suitable for exports. There are different solicitor companies in Iran that export the best Rish baba grapes for best prices to other countries or sell in Iran.

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Iranian Rish baba grape

Features and benefits of Iranian Rish baba grape

Rish baba sapling has two colors: red and green. It used fresh for parties and levees. This grape has possibility of keeping for long time. It has cone and short cluster with oblong oval grains. When they matured, brown spots appeared on them. Because Rish baba grape has thick hull it is the best kind of grape for winter use. This grape is very sweet and full of fiber and vitamin.

The exterior shape of this grape looks like the red raisin grapes. It harvested in June and Rish baba grape cultivation needs cool weather without glacial condition. This grape has active biologic components like antioxidant. It has high amounts of C and A vitamins. These materials help strengthen immune system of body.

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Because of these features Iranian Rish baba grape has many buyers and is suitable for exports[/box]

Features and benefits of Iranian Rish baba grape

Iranian Rish baba grape for exports

As it was indicated Iranian Rish baba grape produced with quality that is suitable for exports. The gardeners that breed Rish baba grape do their best and try very much to provide the high qualified grape for export. Also Rish baba grape is producing in Shiraz vineyards and its crop is sent to international markets. All export productions must have proper packings to have beautiful appearance and stop its demolition.

Hard and resistant boxes most used for packing. Cartoon boxes absorb the moisture of springhouse and are not trustworthy. Therefore plastic boxes are better because they absorb less moisture. Vitarad company exports this grape to Russia, Arabic united Emirate, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]This company tries to find markets in European countries too.[/box]

Iranian Rish baba grape for exports

Grape cultivation

Grape cultivation is a fifty year old commerce. Economic lifetime of a vineyard is 40 to 50 years. 3 to 4 years after planting it will start to yielding and productivity. This means you plant a grape bush one time and exploit for fifty years. Grape is plant of hot and moderate areas and cannot bear cold weather. Through winter, grape bushes can stay in -18 to -20 degree centigrade. This fruit is resistant to dry weather. This plant can grow in every soil but sandy-loamy soils are more suitable for that.

The amount of saplings that planted on one hectare is 750 to 1000 saplings. This differs for every strain and depends on method of breeding and directing of bushes and also climatic condition. More than water, this plant needs a mainstay to lean against and continue growing. One other kind of grape fruit grows on shrub. Notice that when grape cultivated in very hot climate the sugar of fruit will decreased. In desirable condition common amount of sugar in Rish baba grape is 16 to 26 Brix degrees. But hot weather lessens this index.

[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]When cultivation and condition of breeding are desirable the best crop of this grape can produced.[/box]

Grape cultivation

Rish baba is a grape cultivar

Rish baba is a grape cultivar local to Iran and farmed all over the country, with long shaped grapes and distinctly great flavor. Iranian Rish Baba grapes for export, contains a big part of the Iranian grape exports, and is produced in some states of the country on a commercial scale.

This kind of grape is sweet and juicy. Which makes it ideal for fresh consumption or production of lateral products. The Rish Baba vines, will mostly produce more than average grapes per square meter.

These varieties of grapes will do best in climates with mild winters. Also their large green leafs are also used for making some local dishes.Rish baba is a grape cultivar


Varieties of Rish Baba grape colors

Grapes are one of the oldest fruits that are produced. Almost thousands of years ago, it was cultivated in different parts of Iran. Rish Baba grapes are a variety of Iranian grapes. This type of grape is cultivated in cold weather and mild winters without ice and snow.

This grape is usually obtained at the end of spring. It is one of the longest species among all kinds of grapes until kept in cold and dry places. Rish baba is among the grapes that are mostly used for fresh consumption. It seems to be due to the sweet taste and the juicy nature. Rish Babas are available in both red and green colors and are extremely popular in Iran.Varieties of Rish Baba grape colors


Cities producing Rish Baba grape in Iran

Rish Babas are mostly grown in climates which have non-snowing moderate winters, and the State of Fars and the city of Miandoab are famous for their Rish Baba production. The state of Hamadan is also a big producer of these grapes with hectares of vineyards.

37 percent of the grape production in this state is for Rish Babas. There are also some cities with the appropriate climates in central Iran which have Rish Baba among their products like Kashmar, and Sarvabad.There are also some cities with the appropriate climates in central Iran. There is Rish Baba among their products like Kashmar, and Sarvabad.


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Buy grapes from Iran

Countries like Russia, Iraq, and Syria are the biggest customers of Iranian grapes. There is also some interest for Iranian grapes in the European market. Russia and Iraq are the largest importers of various Iranian varieties like the Rish Baba grapes.

They get their grapes from Iran because of the short distance between the countries and also the high quality of the products. These will also decrease their shipping time and cost, and they can offer a better final price.Buy grapes from Iran


Export Grapes From Iran

Iran is one of the world’s grape producers.Furthermore, it has a rank 8 with an annual production of 3.2 million tons of grapes. These grapes are produced in nearly 300000 hectares of vineyards all over the country.

The states of Kurdistan, Qazvin, North Khorasan, and East and West Azerbaijan are the largest producers of grapes in Iran. Iranian grapes are sent to almost 70 countries every year. Because of their high quality, they are known as a brand.Export Grapes From Iran


Grape Exporter Companies from Iran

There are a lot of companies which trade Iranian grapes internationally. These grapes are in high demand and very popular in countries all over the world. Grapes are a big part of the Iranian fruit exports, and are available in many international markets.

The fruit companies export these grapes through ships in the north and south seas, and also export a big part via the land borders in the west. Rish Baba grape is also among Popular Iranian varieties worldwide.Grape Exporter Companies from Iran


Grape prices of the Vitarad company

Vitarad is among the most experienced and most reliable companies trading fruit in Iran, which have created a safe and professional environment for trading grapes, internationally. They have been in the Italy grape market for a long time. And can provide customers with the best prices and quality.

They deal in all varieties and colors of the Iranian grapes. They also work with the best and the most advanced Iranian farms which present the best grapes, Iran has to offer. Their Prices are the best compared to the high quality of the grapes, and they are considered as one of the best.


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