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Iran’s cucumber price for export

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Producing the best cucumbers in IranCucumber shoppers in neighboring countriesPurchase the main cucumber from the farmerIran's cucumber priceExports cucumbers at reasonable prices
Cucumber price

Cucumbers have been a large part of the vegetables cultivated in Iran for thousands of years and still play an important role in the country’s agricultural products and economy. Iran’s Cucumber price for export changes in each individual case, and depends on many different factors.

Cucumbers are extremely healthy and besides being full of different vitamins and nutrients, are full of water. The high water amount in cucumbers makes them a great snack in the warms months of the year, and they can prevent dehydration in the body and skin. The Cucumber price are also quite affordable considering the many benefits of them.

Cucumber price

Producing the best cucumbers in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of cucumbers in the Middle East and also one of the largest in the world and produces these amazing vegetables all over the country. Iranian cucumbers produced in both open farms and greenhouses, and as a result are available all year long. This all year availability has also made them very popular for the international exports.

The Cucumber price also change based on the season of the harvest and distribution. Both of the open farm and greenhouse cucumbers of Iran are healthy and in perfect shape for exports and local consumption. They sent to many different countries, mostly in the Middle East.

Cucumber price

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Cucumber shoppers in neighboring countries

Iran is among the top exporters of cucumbers in the world and most of its products exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. Russia is the largest importer of Iranian cucumbers. This country has one of the biggest cucumber markets in the world and choses Iran as a supplier.

Tons of open farm and greenhouse Iranian cucumbers exported to Russia every year. The largest middle Eastern customers of the Iranian cucumbers is the United Arab Emirates. The short distance and the sea borders between these countries and Iran, makes these trade easier and faster.

Cucumber price

Purchase the main cucumber from the farmer

Most of the Iranian companies which are exporting cucumbers supply their fruits and vegetables themselves. They purchase their products fresh from the farms and local markets. In this method, they will cut the middle men and can reduce the final market Cucumber price. Cucumbers have also got a short shelf life and must transported to the markets as fast as possible.

This short shelf life is because Iranian cucumbers do not receive any chemical preservatives and grown organically. So the companies package the cucumbers quickly and ship them to the international markets.

Cucumber price

Iran’s cucumber price

There many different types of cucumbers produced in Iran and the two most common the barbed and Persian cultivars. These Cucumber price are different as they have different qualities and characteristics. There are also cucumbers which used for fresh consumption and making pickles.

The fresh consumption cucumbers are in much better shape and have a higher price. Another indicating factor in setting the product’s price is the transportation costs. But as most of the Iranian cucumber customers are from the neighboring countries, the shipping costs are much smaller.

Cucumber price

Exports cucumbers at reasonable prices

Like many other international products, the Iranian Cucumber price are constantly changing but are quite affordable. First of all, the type of the cucumbers affects their price. Usually the greenhouse and open farm products have different prices and farms cucumbers are more expensive. This is also partly due to the fact that open farm cucumbers are rarer and are only available in the harvesting season.

Greenhouse cucumbers have also got easier and less costly methods of production, which can reduce the prices. These low production costs are because of the less water usage and the higher production yield. Both of these types are extremely popular at the international markets and are always in high demand.

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