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Kiwi Talesh exports to Georgia

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Kiwi is an international fruitProduction of kiwi in Talesh cityKiwi buyers in GeorgiaKiwi Talesh Packing for ExportIranian Kiwi exports to Georgia
Kiwi Talesh

All of the Iranian kiwis produced in the northern states of the country, because of the humid moderate weather, and there are a lot of cities like Tonekabon or Talesh which are famous for their kiwi products. Talesh is one of the largest producers in Iran and there are a lot of kiwi Talesh exports to Georgia every year.

Production of kiwis have become popular and common in the north of Iran over the past few decades and now it is a large part of many cities like Talesh. This city is the 2nd largest kiwi producer in the country and kiwi Talesh is extremely delicious ad high quality. Based on the cities potential, there are a lot of plans to expand production and exports.

Kiwi Talesh

Kiwi is an international fruit

Kiwis are one of the most exotic fruits in the world and have gained a trend popularity over the past few years on the international markets. They owe this popularity to their exciting appearance and the vitamins within them. China is the birthplace of these fruits and is also the largest producer of them with more than 2 million tons of production.

Countries like Italy and New Zealand began kiwi production decades ago, and are now the biggest exporters of the fruit. Iran is also the 4th biggest producer of kiwis in the world. These fruits produced in a lot of different cities of Iran, and kiwi Talesh for example are among the best of their products.

Kiwi Talesh

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Production of kiwi in Talesh city

Talesh located in the west of Guilan near the Caspian Sea, and it is one of the largest cities of this state. Kiwi Talesh are extremely high quality and full of different nutrients. This city produces around 63000 tons of high quality fresh kiwis every year.

This high amount of kiwis produced in over 2700 hectares of fully equipped farms inside and around the city. There are more than 5000 kiwi farmers in the city of Talesh and kiwis are the most important product of this city. Most of the kiwis produced in this city are green, and the vast majority of them are from Hayward variety.

Kiwi Talesh

Kiwi buyers in Georgia

As it was mentioned earlier, kiwis have become an international trend recently. So as a result, most of the non-producing countries are importing kiwis from the large global suppliers. Iran is also among the top producers and exporters of the fruit in the world.

Talesh is the second largest kiwi producer city in Iran and also the supplier of many neighboring countries like Georgia. This country located in the north of this city. Also the kiwi Talesh exported to the kiwi buyers in Georgia every year. Iranian kiwis are very popular in Georgia and are always in very high demands.

Kiwi Talesh

Kiwi Talesh Packing for Export

Talesh is among the few cities in Iran which produces large quantities of kiwis on commercial scales. The kiwi Talesh are mostly from the internationally popular Hayward cultivar. These kiwis produced and packed in some of the finest kiwi farms in the world.

Besides being popular and in high demands within the country, the kiwis of Talesh also exported. Their high quality and amazing taste and appearance, made them suitable for Iranian kiwi exports. They supply many of the neighboring countries’ fruit markets. Also and are a large part in the city’s economy and agricultural products.

Kiwi Talesh

Iranian Kiwi exports to Georgia

Georgia produces small amounts of kiwis within the country and only accounts for around 0.02% of the global productions. As a result of this low production and the popularity of the kiwis in the local markets, The country imports large quantities of the fruit. These imports are from large Asian and European producers of kiwis. Iran is the largest exporter of kiwis to Georgia and supplies 56% of the country’s kiwi markets.

Most of these kiwis supplied from Iranian cities like Talesh. Kiwi Talesh are the perfect fruit for fresh consumption and have all of the characteristics and vitamins of a top shelf product. On the other hand, the biggest European supplier of Georgian kiwi markets is Greece.

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