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Mango export from India to Iran

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Best Indian mangoBenefits of Indian mangoMango export from IndiaMango export packagingBuy Indian mangoes bulkMango imports to Iran
Mango export from India

Mango is a very delicious and native fruit of South Asia and is the national fruit of India. Iran is one of the best customers of Mango export from India all the demanded amount of this delicious fruit to Iran from 2017.

Some of the reasons that you should eat mango, is:

  • Mango contains the highest amount of beta carotene that protects the body against multiple diseases
  • Its contains about 20 different mineral substances and vitamins
  • Therefore, is one of the richest nutrients available.
  • High levels of fiber
  • Have pectin
  • Full of vitamin C that help lower cholesterol
  • It also prevents many of cancers

Mango export from India

Best Indian mango

When it comes to speak about taste and flavor and scarcity of a fruit like Mango, Alphonso is the best kind of mango to illustrate this. India is the main producer of this type of mango due to its favorable weather conditions. The interesting thing is that the grain produced from this kind of mango cannot produce fruit.
By this reason, we have developed a modified method for producing it. However, this type of mango is still an exportable and so much demanded fruit in the world.
Mango export from India in a lot of varieties on the basis of the demand of people in target market.
Taste it! and then, you will love it.

Mango export from India

Benefits of Indian mango

Mango helps regulate insulin levels in the blood. Research shows that mango antioxidant compounds prevent intestinal, breast, blood and prostate cancers. Indian mango is one of the high quality types of this fruit.
About mango benefits, we can tell that it’s a strong and very delicious protector of your health and beauty. If you want to have a beautiful and soft skin as well as sharp eyes and healthy heart and strong immune system of body and so on, we recommend you to eat mango.

Mango export from India

Mango export from India

The Mango is the King of the Fruits, which is undoubtedly recognizable. Mangoes have hundreds of types, each with its own taste, shape and size.
These fruits grow in all over the world. But Pakistan, the Philippines and India are among the largest producers of this fruit. Mango export from India is on the topped of the international list of production and export this fruit. Mango is a seasonal fruit and grows from May to September.
People around the world are eagerly awaiting for this special fruit to use it in their foods.

Mango export from India

Mango export packaging

In packaging mango in a carton for export, the exporters observe the following:
The bottom of the carton is of a cardboard type of three-layer hard and its lid is preferably telescopic. They can also use the die-cut types with lid.
The cartons used are clean, fresh, dry and odorless. That’s have no adverse effect on the outer surface or the quality of the fruit.
In a five kg carton, they package mangoes in a row using cellulose networks between the fruits.

Mango export from India

Buy Indian mangoes bulk

The owners of mango gardens from various provinces of India hold an annual festival to encourage people to use this Indian fruit. This fruit is widely available to the people and is the cheapest fruit of the season. Mango also is the king of fruits in India. India, about 1265 mangoes around the world have about 1000 types of mangoes.
India is the world’s largest mango producer and exporter of this product. In our website, you can buy this fruit in bulk amount and pay the wholesale price for your order.

mango export from India to Iran

Mango imports to Iran

It usually lasts 3 to 6 months from flowering until the fruits ripe. The fruit harvest starts from green to yellow, and usually in this case, the brix of the fruit is more than 7.
The farmers take the fruits at regular intervals. They grab the fruits slowly and then pack them. They arrange them with 5 to 10 cm of fruit peduncle. To transport and export fruits, they cut the fruit peduncles to 2 cm and wash them to remove waste material and poison remnants and then put them in the box.
To avoid breaking the tree branches, they use ladders or elevators at harvest time. Our company imports this high quality fruit to Iran for you.