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Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants

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Mangos merchants in IranSale of imported mangoes in the Iranian marketMango imports from PakistanPakistani mango sellerPakistan Mango Prices in Iran
Pakistani mango

Thanks to its warm tropical climate, Pakistan is now one of the largest producers of fresh mangoes in Central Asia, and has lots of mango exports to many countries like Iran. There are lots of Pakistani mango seller to Iranian merchants every year, and these products are very popular on the Iranian markets.

Many people call mangoes the king of the fruits, because of their amazing juicy taste and many nutrients and benefits within them. Most of the mangoes of the world also produced in the tropical farms of Asia, in countries like India, Pakistan and Philippines. Pakistani mangoes are very popular in the Middle Eastern markets and exported every year.

Pakistani mango

Mangos merchants in Iran

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the current Iranian fruit markets and there are a lot of merchants and importers which interested in these sweet tropical fruits. Mangoes are now easily found in most of the Iranian cities and are a part of every fruit market.

There are also some minor Iranian mango production in the southern states of the country, but it isn’t enough to supply the markets. Also most of them harvested while they are still raw to make side products like pickles. So to supply the local markets, Iran imports large quantities of fresh mangoes to the country. Pakistani mangoes are one of the best and most popular products in Iran.

Pakistani mango

Sale of imported mangoes in the Iranian market

Iran supplied its mango markets from the products of many different countries. Iranian mango importers mostly prefer Asian suppliers, because of the shorter distance. This will reduce the transportation costs and also allows them to import the mangoes as fresh as possible.

Pakistan is the only neighboring country with mango production and Pakistani mangoes enter the Iranian markets every year. The other products mostly imported from countries like India and Philippines. There are also some minor mango imports from South American countries like Ecuador, which are more costly.

Pakistani mango

Mango imports from Pakistan

As it mentioned earlier in the text, Pakistan is one of the main producers and exporters of mangoes in the Middle East. Pakistani mangoes also imported to Iran every year on large scales. These mangoes enter Iran through the land or sea borders with Pakistan and later distributed in the local markets.

Mangoes among the fruits which harvested while unripe. They will ripen along the way, or by being exposed to certain chemicals in the Iranian storage units. Many different cultivars of mangoes enter the country from Pakistan, but the most popular is Alphonso.

Pakistani mango

Pakistani mango seller

Pakistan is the 6th largest producer of mangoes in the world and accounts for around 3.5% of the total global production. With this high amount of production, Pakistan s able to supply many different fruit markets all over the world. Most of the Pakistani mango sellers, usually export their products to Middle Eastern countries.

For example, Iran is a large customer of these products every harvesting season. Pakistan is the closest mango supplier to the Middle Eastern markets and that makes their products very popular in the region. There are also minor exports to European countries.

Pakistani mango

Pakistan Mango Prices in Iran

There are many different factors that can affect the price of a fruit on the international or local markets. The most important factor in setting the price of the Pakistani mangoes is the annual production amount. The higher the annual production, the lower the prices of these mangoes will be. Most of the exported mangoes are also from the world famous and popular Alphonso cultivar.

This mango variety traded all over the world, and usually has a set reference price. Also another thing that can affect the prices of mangoes in foreign trades, is the transportation costs. Fortunately for Iran, because of the mutual borders and the short distance between eh countries, this cost minimized and does not increase the final retail prices that much. But overall, These mangoes are affordable on the Iranian fruit markets.

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