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Persian cucumber price for export

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Cucumber production in IranThe benefits of Persian cucumberPrices per ton of Persian cucumbersCucumber export from IranPersian cucumber price in market
Persian cucumber price

Iran is among the top producers of cucumbers worldwide with the annual production of more than 2 million tons, and has a lot of exports to many different countries every year. The Persian cucumber price for exports is also set every year according to many factors like the destination and the species.

Cucumbers are among the top produced vegetables in all the countries of the world and are consumed on a massive scale everywhere. They can be grown in both open farms and greenhouses which makes them ideal in places with fewer water sources. Iran is also among the top producers of the world and the Persian cucumber prices are different in the markets.

Persian cucumber price

Cucumber production in Iran

The country of Iran is the 3rd biggest cucumber producing country in the world after China and Turkey with the annual production of 2 million tons. They are also grown in both greenhouses and open farms in different regions of the country. The greenhouses are more popular in the central and southern states of Iran, where there are fewer water sources.
Greenhouse cucumbers use less water and have higher production rates. Also, around 200000 tons of fresh Iranian cucumbers exported to different countries every year. The Persian cucumber prices also set based on the conditions of these exports by the trading companies.

Persian cucumber price

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The benefits of Persian cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. They contain a lot of water and are a great hydration source, which can help the body and skin against dehydration’s. They are also very low in calories which makes them ideal for people on diets. There are a lot of different varieties of Persian cucumbers available in the markets with different properties.
The Persian cucumber prices also affected by their type, quality, taste and the nutritional facts of the vegetable. Overall, cucumbers are very healthy vegetables that used in many different dishes, and are a must have, for most people.

Persian cucumber price

Prices per ton of Persian cucumbers

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the wholesale prices of the cucumbers. Persian cucumber prices are generally good and affordable in most foreign markets. The final wholesale price of the cucumbers depends on factors like the species, size, the season of the harvest and many others.
Also organic fruits are generally more popular and more expensive than the other ones. The greenhouse cucumbers are also less popular on the international markets and usually come with a lower price. Overall Iranian cucumbers are very popular in the region’s markets and are in high demands.

Persian cucumber price

Cucumber export from Iran

A large portion of the Iranian cucumber products chosen for exports every year. Last year alone, there have around 20000 tons of different types of cucumbers exported. The Biggest customers of the Iranian cucumbers are Middle Eastern, and neighboring countries.
Also, Iraq, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates have the highest amounts of Iranian cucumbers import. Iranian cucumbers imported for fresh consumption and also for making pickles. They are extremely popular on the international markets and consumed in all of the different continents of the world.

Persian cucumber price

Persian cucumber price in market

There are a wide variety of factors, which can change the Persian cucumber prices on the international markets all over the world. The biggest costs for an exported or imported good, Is the transportation costs. The further the two countries, the higher the costs will be. These costs will increase the total amount of money spent, and will definitely increase the final retail price as well.
Even though, the new advancements have made the overall process of the transportation much Easier, faster, cheaper, and more profitable.  The type of the cucumbers are also very important to the buyers. There are hundreds of official different cucumber cultivars, and each of them have got their own quality, taste, and prices.

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