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Persian Rish Baba grape for sale

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Rish Baba grape

Rish Baba grapes are originally from the modern day Iran and Azerbaijan, and now one of the main grape cultivars produced in Iran. Besides being sent to the local markets, there are still a lot of Persian Rish Baba grape for sale to many foreign and neighboring countries, every year.

The most famous of the Iranian Rish Baba grape produced in the state of Fars, and the city of Miandoab. It one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated by the Iranian farmers, and is still one of the most commonly grown grapes in Iran. They come in different colors of green and red, with a long shape, and both colors are perfect for fresh consumption.

Rish Baba grape

What are Rish Baba grape?

The Rish Baba grape variety, is one of the highest quality Iranian grapes that considered as top shelf fruit and are usually chosen for fresh consumption. These grapes harvested at the end of spring and mostly in the month of May. These cultivars have a higher shelf life, thanks to their thick skin, and come in green and red colors.
They are full of vitamins E, K, C, and A, which makes them a very healthy snack, and are great for people with heart problems. Some companies turn Rish Babas to raisins, as they are one of the most suitable cultivars for this purpose. They are grown in regions with cold climates, with non-freezing winters.

Rish Baba grape

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Rish Baba grape production in Iran

Rish Baba grape require their vineyards to be in the regions with cold climates, but can’t survive frost. The states of Fars in the west, and West Azerbaijan, in the northwest of Iran, are the biggest producers of this cultivar. These states are the biggest supplier of the local and international markets.
They originate in Iran and are among the local cultivars, which makes Iran their biggest producer in the world. Also they are grown in both modern industrial, and traditional vineyards within Iran. Grapes are also very resistant to pests and sicknesses, thanks to their thick skin which protects them.

Rish Baba grape

Packaging grapes for export

A standard, good quality packaging required to keep fruits, vegetables and root crops in good condition until it distributed and consumed. Also, grapes easily cut or bruised, so great cares must taken, during the packaging of table grapes which used for fresh consumption.
Grapes are also very sensitive to heat, and can lose their firmness and quality when exposed to it. Plastics not the desired material for Rish Baba grape packaging, and more natural materials will do much better. Grapes packaged in cardboard boxes considered acceptable after they have reached their destination.

Rish Baba grape

Export Grapes From Iran

Iran is the 8th biggest producer of grapes in the world, which naturally makes it one of the biggest exporters on the region. The exports of the Iranian grapes have also been on the rise over the past few years, increasing around 2% every year. Russia imports 79 percent of the Iranian grapes, which makes it Iran’s number one customers.
Other big customers of the Iranian grapes are Pakistan, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Rish Baba grape are also among the most popular Iranian products. Their exports are also much easier, thanks to their thick skin and longer shelf lives.

Rish Baba grape

Sell grapes on the market

Grapes are among the most popular fruits on the planet, so selling them on the international markets won’t be that hard. Iranian grape products are also among the highest quality grapes that are very popular in the foreign markets. Rish Baba grape, are one of the best products of the country. Grapes also grown in all of the continents, and are available all year long on the markets.
The weather changes can have a lot of effects on the global productions, and increase or decrease a regions product. Most of the grape cultivars prefer the heat and dry cultivars, with some preferring the colder areas as well. Most of the grapes sent to markets as fresh, but there are also some exports of raisins as well.

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