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Price per ton of mangoes for export

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Mango benefits for healthMango production in the worldPrice per ton of mangoesExport of mango to buyer's countriesBuy and Sell Mangoes
Price per ton of mangoes

These days, everybody has heard about the amazing health benefits and nutrients of these amazing tropical fruit, and many countries are adding them to their imports lists. The price per ton of mangoes for exports has also changed a lot recently, because of all the new competitions in the fruit’s markets.

These delicious healthy fruits grown on trees, and require warm and tropical climates to fully grow and flourish. Even though that the sugar in them is a little bit high, they have amazing other health benefits to cover for this flaw. The price per ton of mangoes also set based on the quality of the fruits, season of the year, and the country of origin.

Price per ton of mangoes

Mango benefits for health

Besides being one of the most delicious and juiciest fruits of the world, mangoes are also extremely healthy and good for the body. They are even referred to by some people, as “the king of fruits” because of their amazing health benefits. Researches have shown that the antioxidants content in mangoes can protect the body  against:

  • Colon
  • Breast
  • Leukemia
  • Prostate cancers.

They also have very high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C, which can help to lower serum cholesterol levels. One cup of mangoes also supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A. The price per ton of mangoes are also very affordable compared with these benefits.

Price per ton of mangoes

Mango production in the world

Mango is one of the most common fruit in most continents, particularly in Asia, Central and South America and Africa. The major production of mangoes is concentrated mainly in Asia. India alone produces almost half of the world’s mangoes. There are other major Asian mango producers like China and Philippines. Which make Asia the mango capital of the world.
The price per ton of mangoes are also lower in these regions of the world, with this high amount of production. Mangoes are now growing in more than 100 countries, with the total global production of more then 40 million tons.

Price per ton of mangoes

Price per ton of mangoes

The wholesale price per ton of mangoes has seen many ups and downs, but managed to stay affordable over the past years. The new technologies available today have made the production and transportations much easier. Also there are many more media available today, to promote the usage of these fruits to people.
Many of these social medias act as a free form of advertisements for the mango industry worldwide. The productions of mangoes have been increasing in most of the major producer countries. On the other hand, the global demands for the fruit have also been on the rise.

Price per ton of mangoes

Export of mango to buyer’s countries

There is a hopeful future for the international mango markets and its producers from all over the world. Major import markets like Europe and the US have increased their consumption constantly. There are also increases in the producing countries to meet these clients’ needs.
The advancements in science have also made it easier for the farmers to protect their products from illnesses and drought. As a result, the price per ton of mangoes haven’t seen any dramatic increases over the past few years. Every year, newer countries are entering the mango production and creating the future of this fruit.

Price per ton of mangoes

Buy and Sell Mangoes

Mangoes are among the very popular fruits in the world, and over the past ten years, their market has grown by around 5% every year. An average 1.8 million tons of mangoes traded internationally last year alone. Around 5 percent of the global production of the fruit also sold fresh on the international markets. Many countries like Ecuador and Australia have also increased their production and exports recently.
he price per ton of mangoes is different, in various regions of the world based on the conditions. There also many different varieties of mangoes produced internationally with Alphonso being the most popular. The global mango market shows a lot of room for improvements in the future.