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Prices per ton of Iranian apple for export

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The high quality apples of IranBuy Major Apples from IranPrices per ton of apple in IranApples export packingIranian apple for export
Iranian apple for export

More than 3.7 million tons of apples produced in Iran every year, and large portions of these productions exported to many different countries of the world. The prices per ton of Iranian apple for export, also mostly depends on the amount of annual production and the importer country.

Apples are one of the main fruits of Iran and are a constant part of the Iranian’s diet and lifestyle. It also considered a healthy and popular fruit all over the world and may countries are either producing or importing them on very large scales. Most if the Iranian apple for export are sent to the Middle Eastern and region’s markets for fresh consumption.

Iranian apple for export

The high quality apples of Iran

Iranian apples among the best fruits found in the world in terms of both the quality and the taste. Iran is a vast country with more than 20 various climates which allows it to grow many apple cultivars in different regions of the country with the highest quality.

Iranian apple for export are generally spotless and have the perfect skin an appearance for international markets. They also come with a sweet and firms flesh that is a sign of their health. They are also mostly from the world’s most popular cultivars which makes their sales easier. The states in the north and west of Iran are the biggest apple producers of the country.

Iranian apple for export

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Buy Major Apples from Iran

Big and small international fruit companies of Iran, collect the best of the Iranian apples from local farms and markets. They store and package these products and prepare them for exports. The companies sent these Iranian apple for export to many different markets. Some of these apples also exported to the foreign markets through other foreign companies.

Iran has more than 100000 tons of fresh apples ready for exports every year, which can supply many big and small markets. Most of these apples sent to the countries in the regions on very large and profitable scales.

Iranian apple for export

Prices per ton of apple in Iran

Since Iran is one of the largest producers of apple in the world, the prices are lower within the country. The price of the Iranian apple for export on the other hand, depends on many factors. First and the most important the amount of apple produced that year.

Usually, the higher the production, the more the exports will be and teat will lower the prices a little bit. Also there are many different apple cultivars, and each of them has got its own price on the international markets. Most of the Iranian apples also harvested in the fall, and apples from other seasons have different prices.

Iranian apple for export

Apples export packing

Companies always packages their apple very carefully before exporting. Apples are very fragile fruits and the smallest cuts or bruises could make them unfit for the international markets. The flesh of apples reacts quickly with the open air and will turn brown in a matter of seconds.

So as a solution, companies use these packaging boxes which will protect the apples all along the way. The materials used in the making of the packages for Iranian apples for export are usually cardboard or plastic. The companies make these packages in few different sizes which have various capacities.

Iranian apple for export

Iranian apple for export

The largest part of Iranian apple for export are from the globally famous cultivars like the Red and Golden Delicious varieties which are popular everywhere. This is cause of the fact that Iran grows large parts of its apple for commercial purposes. Also every year, there are around 20 countries exporting these products. Iranian apples are very popular on the international markets because of their quality.

As it was mentioned before, most of the Iranian apples exported to Middle Eastern markets. Russia is also another large importer of these apples. These apples are among the most popular and high demanding products on these Asian markets, and most companies are trying to offer them among their products.

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