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Red bell pepper production in Iran for export

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Red bell pepper productionThe difference between red and green bell peppersPicking bell peppers from the greenhouseSorting and packing of bell pepperExports of red bell pepper from Iran
Red bell pepper production

Bell peppers are the second most common greenhouse vegetables in Iran, and the country produces them on very large scales every year. There are also different colors of these popular vegetables available on the international markets and many cities do red bell pepper production in Iran for export.

These sweet peppers are very popular all over the world and many countries have green, yellow, and red bell pepper productions. Bell peppers are also a very diverse group of vegetables and can be grown in a lot of different climates all over the world. They are an inseparable part of many international cuisines and have found their market in the globe.

Red bell pepper production

Red bell pepper production

Of all the different colors of these sweet pepper, red is the most popular and also the healthiest, which accounts for the high amounts of red bell pepper production. Bell peppers are considered to be one of the most commonly grown vegetables in the world. More than 100 countries from all continents produce high quantities of these sweet peppers every year.

There are also a lot of companies which are exporting and distributing them over on the international fruit and vegetable markets. Besides being very sweet and delicious, they are also very healthy. They have got large amounts of vitamin C, which is one of the greatest natural anti-oxidants.

Red bell pepper production

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The difference between red and green bell peppers

There must be a reason for the high red bell pepper production of Iran, besides just the pretty vibrant colors. A red bell pepper is the mature version of a green bell, and orange and yellow versions fall in between. Studies show that red peppers contain nine times more beta-carotene than green bell peppers and twice the amount of vitamin C.

Even though, a serving of green peppers provides over 200 percent of required daily Vitamin C. In addition to being a good source of antioxidants and fiber, peppers also contain vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for a good eyesight and skin care.

Red bell pepper production

Picking bell peppers from the greenhouse

There are many benefits in red bell pepper production in greenhouses. First of all, these greenhouses will use much less water and are perfect for areas without access to fresh water sources. Also with the controlled environment, it will be easier to protect the plants against different pests.

Bell peppers are naturally seasonal in the open farms, but that is not the case inside greenhouses. There, with the controlled temperature, bell peppers will be available all year long. Also, they will have a much higher production yield which will be a more economic and profitable option for farmers.

Red bell pepper production

Sorting and packing of bell pepper

Bell peppers are sorted based on their color and size before being packed for exports. As it is obvious, some colors like the red are more popular, hence the higher red bell pepper production. The common materials of the boxes are cardboard or plastic, and they come in different sizes with different capacities.

The most common duty of the boxes s to protect the bell peppers along the way. These sweet peppers are very vulnerable to heat and physical harms, and need to be protected all along the way. The packages must also keep them away from open air, in order for them to stay fresh.

Red bell pepper production

Exports of red bell pepper from Iran

Iran is the largest exporter of many different fruits and vegetables in the Middle East, and bell peppers are no exception. Large quantities of these products are produced in the greenhouses and open farms of the country. There are also a lot of fruit companies that are exporting them abroad. The United Arab Emirates is the largest Middle Eastern importer of these peppers.

Red bell pepper productions have also increased because of their popularity. The high quality and the amazing taste of these Iranian bell peppers have made them extremely popular in the international markets. They are also mostly grown organically, which is an international trend and makes their sales much easier for the companies.