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Red bell pepper production in Iran

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The difference between red and green bell pepperBenefits of eating red bell peppersRed bell pepper production in the greenhouseImportant cities for producing bell peppers in IranIranian red bell pepper For Export
Red bell pepper production

Bell peppers are one of the main products of many different Iranian cities all over the country that produce these high quality vegetables in both open farms and greenhouses. Red bell pepper production in Iran is also at an all-time high and currently placed Iran as one of the largest producers in the world.

Bell peppers are among the popular vegetables in Iran and the second highest produced greenhouse product of the country. Green, yellow, and red bell pepper production is very common in Iran, and almost all of the states are doing it. They are also extremely healthy and known as one of the richest sources of vitamin C among the vegetables.

Red bell pepper production

The difference between red and green bell pepper

Technically, the green and red bell peppers are the same plants, but the green ones are the unripe immature fruit, and the red ones completely ripened. All of these vegetables start with green and as they stay on the plant for longer, they will turn yellow, orange and finally red.

Red bell peppers are also the healthiest among the colors, because they stay on the plant for longest and absorb most of the nutrients. They said to have 1.5 times more vitamins than the green peppers. They are also more popular and hence the higher red bell pepper production. But overall, all the different colors produced in Iran and exported abroad.

Red bell pepper production

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Benefits of eating red bell peppers

Red bell pepper production is only high because of the amazing benefits and taste of these peppers. Bell peppers loaded with various vitamins and minerals, and are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. One medium-sized red bell pepper contains 169% of the daily requirement of the vitamin C.

They also contain vitamin K1, which are important for the formation of red blood cells. The potassium in these peppers is an essential mineral that may improve heart health and prevent strokes. Bell peppers contain many healthy antioxidants as well, which can contribute more to the heart health.

Red bell pepper production

Red bell pepper production in the greenhouse

The production of bell peppers in greenhouses is an amazing option for many regions which do not have the requirements for the open farms. Even though they have higher startup costs, they will cover them with the higher production. They also consume less water which makes them ideal for dry regions.

The green, yellow, and red bell pepper production in these greenhouses are just as high quality as open farms. They might also have a better shape because of the controlled environment. Because of the controlled climate, they can harvested all year long as well.

Red bell pepper production

Important cities for producing bell peppers in Iran

As it was mentioned before, Iranian bell peppers produced in both greenhouses and open farms. Open farms are more common in regions with access to fresh water sources. The city of Rudan in the south central Iran is the biggest producer of open farm peppers in the country. T

he cities of Isfahan and Yazd are also the largest producers of the vegetable in greenhouses. Red bell pepper production of Iran is also constantly on the rise due to the increasing international demands for them. Both of these products are extremely high quality and have the best taste and nutrients.

Red bell pepper production

Iranian red bell pepper For Export

The larger part of the red bell pepper production in Iran is for the local markets within the country. But nonetheless, there are large amounts of exports to many different countries of the world. Most of the Iranian bell peppers sent to the Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. These countries import these high quality products on large quantities every year.

All of them see Iran as the best supplier for their markets for many various reasons. The most important of those reasons are the high quality of the Iranian products and the short distance between the supplier and the markets. Iranian bell peppers also grown with traditional organic methods, which have very high worldwide popularity.