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Red delicious Iran apple fruit price

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Apples of which region of Iran are good?Red delicious Iran apple fruit priceApple fruit sorting and packaging systemPrices of Iranian red apples exported to India
Red delicious Iran apple fruit price

Red delicious Iran apple fruit price for India has been from 7,000 tomans and above, and the quality of apples packaged for this country is different, and their sales rates were different. Red apple has the highest sales in Iran due to its large export volume to India and some other countries.

In Iran, there are different regions that are known as the center of production of apple fruits that the quality and durability of apples in different areas of these regions are also different.

Indian customers always ask for an apple that is colorful in color and doesn’t want a large mold in terms of size, in fact, a mold of 100 grams to 200 grams is their priority.

Therefore, if you want to cooperate with major importers of apple fruits in India, you should do a proper field research of the Indian market to sell and export apple fruit at the request of citizens and major buyers in this country.


Apples of which region of Iran are good?

Iran, as the fourth largest producer of apple fruit in the world, annually exports a very large volume of these fruits to different countries of the continents.

Dear buyers who intend to buy apple fruit from Iran, note that the main production and harvest of gardeners is red and golden apple fruit, which according to statistics, the highest volume of exports is related to red apple that are harvested in most different regions.

But the quality and shelf life of apples in each region may vary. Apple fruit, which are harvested in late September, are stored in cold storage due to the high harvest rate, so that they can be exported to various foreign markets in the coming months.

However, some apples don’t have the ability to be stored in the cold storage for a long time, and after two months, the quality of their texture decreases, which the esteemed buyers should pay attention to.

We announce the names of the regions that have the highest quality level of apples in Iran so that you can buy the best type of this apple.

Red delicious Iran apple fruit price

Dear foreign customers, to buy the best red and golden apple fruit, you can request the purchase of apple from Vitarad Trading in the following areas, which we have mentioned in order of their quality level.

  • Mianeh
  • Maragheh
  • Damavand
  • Semirom
  • Oshnaviyeh
  • Urmia
  • Borujerd
  • Sepidan
  • Mashhad
  • Mahabad

Note that the selling Red delicious Iran apple fruit price in this region may be quite different, and if you request to buy apples from the Mianeh apples in this region have the highest prices in Iran.

For example, Red delicious Iran apple fruit price for India is always at the same price level, but the Mianeh apple may not match the market of India due to its high selling price, but we are trying to make our customers in this country one of the best apples. Give Iran to them.

Red delicious Iran apple fruit price

Apple fruit sorting and packaging system

The most important factor that can affect the success of apple fruit exports is the way it is sorted and packaged. Domestic and foreign customers, despite the fact that the quality of the product is very important to them, its packaging and shape can also be the most important Agent to buy.

Vitarad Trading Company in Urmia, with its 8000 ton cold storage and mechanized sorting system, has been able to export two containers to foreign markets daily.

If you have worked with Iranian merchants in recent years, you have noticed that most of the apples that were bought and sold for export were in basket packages with ordinary varieties.

However, at the request of its customers from different countries, Vitarad collection has sorted apples in different weights and with more elegant packages, including cartons.

According to the pictures below, you can understand the quality level and type of packaging and sorting of apple fruit in this collection.

The price of red apples for India was higher than other Iranian apples with the packages we sent, and we plan to diversify the type of packaging of these apples in the new year so that over time We can capture a large market from India and other countries.


Prices of Iranian red apples exported to India

India has been one of our main target markets for apple exports and the main request of buyers in this country has been red apple.

If you have studied the export of Iranian apple fruit to this country, you will find that the citizens of this country only buy red apples as good quality apples. Therefore, they buy this type of apple not only from Iran, but also from other countries.

Red delicious Iran apple fruit price for India is higher than other varieties, the most important of which is Red delicious. Varieties such as Gala apple, Fuji and green apple are also traded in this market, but the most important one in Mumbai, Delhi and even southern India is Red Delicious.

Exports of red apple fruit from Iran to India often start in November, and the reason is that India itself has large orchards of this product that after the completion of horticultural products in this country, buyers import from countries They do different things, especially in Iran.

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