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Sahebi pomegranate exports from Iran

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What is Sahebi pomegranate?Which Iranian cities have Sahebi pomegranate gardens?Harvesting and packing pomegranatePomegranate exports from Iran to neighboring countriesWholesale price of pomegranate Iranian Sahebi pomegranate
Pomegranate exports from Iran

Iran is the biggest producer of pomegranates in the world, and Sahebi is one of the best types of sweet pomegranates from this country. Sahebi pomegranate exports from Iran reach many different countries in the world, and are among the most popular fresh consumption pomegranates globally.

Iran is known all over the world for its pomegranate productions and the pomegranate exports from Iran are very profitable for the country. Iranian pomegranates recognized for their quality and amazing taste all over the world and are always in high demands. They are also very health and one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants among fruits.

Pomegranate exports from Iran

What is Sahebi pomegranate?

Sahebi pomegranates are among the best high quality sweet products of Iran which are perfect for fresh consumption and account for a large part of pomegranate exports from Iran. The sweet pomegranates of Iran are generally some of the best in the world for fresh consumption. They are very sweet and large in size, and have the perfect ruby red color which makes them very presentable.
Some people don’t like pomegranates because they are hard to eat. But these amazing fruits are full of different nutrients and vitamins. They are among the healthiest and most valuable fruits in the world, and all nutritionists suggest them for everyone.

Pomegranate exports from Iran

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Which Iranian cities have Sahebi pomegranate gardens?

Iran produces nearly one million ton of pomegranates every year and pomegranate exports from Iran supply many international fruit markets of the world. Almost a third of the global pomegranates produced in Iran and most of them are sweet.
Sahebi are among the best sweet pomegranates of Iran which are really popular for fresh consumption. These pomegranates produced all over the country except the north. The northern states of Iran do not receive a lot of sunlight in the year. And sweet pomegranates need constant sunshine in order to grow to the fullest size and ripen.

Pomegranate exports from Iran

Harvesting and packing pomegranate

The harvesting season of the Iranian pomegranates usually starts from autumn and lasts till winter. They collected in these seasons and sent to the storage units of big fruit companies. The next step for them is packaging which is a very important step in pomegranate exports from Iran. Pomegranates considered a luxury item in many markets and are among the most valuable agricultural products of Iran. So packaging is very important for preparing and sending them to the top global markets. The packages will also protect the pomegranates from physical harms along the way.

Pomegranate exports from Iran

Pomegranate exports from Iran to neighboring countries

A vast majority of pomegranate exports from Iran, are to Middle eastern and neighboring countries. Pomegranates not produced in these countries and they have to supply their markets from the imports. Iran is the best pomegranate supplier for these countries.
First of all, Iran has some of the best pomegranates in the world and produces them on very large scales. Also, Iran located within the Middle East and the pomegranates are able to reach the destination markets as fast and fresh as possible. The short distance will also reduce the shipping costs and make the trade more profitable.

Pomegranate exports from Iran

Wholesale price of pomegranate Iranian Sahebi pomegranate

Pomegranate exports from Iran reach many different countries and the prices are different according to many factors. With this amount of production, Iran is one of the biggest suppliers of pomegranates in the world. It has major exports to Asian and European countries. Most of the Iranian pomegranates exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries.
The transportation costs are a large part of the fruit’s final price and as a result, they are cheaper in the neighboring importers. Also, the sweet pomegranates which exported for fresh consumption are much more expensive than the sour type. The amount of the annual production will also affect the final export prices of the year.

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