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Urmia grape

Urmia is famous for its variety of quality seeded and seedless grapes and is the number one exporter of this fruit, among Iranian cities. Urmia’s fruit are famous worldwide and a lot of companies try to sell Urmia grape to Russian buyers, and also costumers from other countries as well.
Grapes are among the most popular fruits on the planet because of their taste, texture, flavor, variety, health benefits and ease of portability. This popular and delicious fruit is also full of important vitamins and antioxidants that help the body and heart, in a lot of ways. Iran and the city of Urmia are also great producers and exporters of this amazing fruit.

Urmia grape

Urmia grape varieties

There are more than 45 different varieties of seeded and seedless grapes produced in Urmia every year. The city also produces 286000 tons of grapes every year in their vineyards. Most of the grapes produced in the city distributed and consumed within the country.
But there are also a few thousands of tons of grapes exported to Middle Easter countries and Russia. The officials of the city are also working on making the packaging process easier and more accessible for the farmers to increase the export. All and all, the Urmia grapes is one of the best grapes produced in Iran, and has a lot of customers in international and national markets.

Urmia grape

Seedless grapes of Urmia

White and Red Seedless grapes of Urmia are one of the best types of grapes produces in Iran. These organic grapes produced in Urmia are mostly organic, and are the best choice for fresh consumption, because of their sweet taste. Most of these grapes consumed fresh and exported, but also around 30% dried out to make raisins.
According to Urmia officials, a 30 percent raise in the production of the city’s vineyards expected to happen in the next year.

Urmia grape

Black grapes for sale

Black grapes come in both seeded and seedless forms. The city of Sardasht is the biggest producer of this specie with the annual production of 30000 tons in over 4800 hectares of vineyards. These grapes are popular in importing countries for both fresh consumption and processing.
Most of the Iranian black grapes distributed inside Iran with some exported to countries like Iraq and Russia. These black grapes, are also part of the high quality popular Urmia grapes.

Urmia grape

Russian buyers of Persian grapes

Russia is an importer of grapes, and Russian fruit companies prefer Iranian grapes to other countries for a few reasons. The first reason is the diversity, the high quality and the amazing taste of the Iranian grapes. The second reason is the short distance between the two countries, which makes the shipping process safer, cheaper, quicker, and more convenient. Because of these reasons a lot of Russian importers and companies are shopping from Iranian grape market.

Urmia grape

Grapes export from Iran to Russia

Russia is one of the biggest targets for the Iranian exporters. Grapes are also among the goods that companies export to Russia on an annual basis. The export of Urmia grapes to Russia is a multi-million-dollar industry and it’s increasing every year.

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The most common varieties of grapes exported to Russia are Red and White Seedless, Rish Baba, and Black Grapes. Officials are planning to increase the exports by improving the packaging and shipping facilities in Iran.

The price of Urmia grape

The city of Urmia exports the most amount of grapes between the Iranian cities and is famous for its high quality grapes. These organic grapes are perfect for fresh consumption and considered as a delicacy all around the world. The grapes of Urmia are exported to the Middle Eastern countries and also Russia and the prices are different in each country. The most important factors in setting the prices are the type of packaging, and the quality of the grape itself. The distance between the importing country and Urmia is also an important indicator of the final price in the markets.

Urmia grape