Iranian seedless white grapes

Buy Iranian seedless white grapes

The Iranian seedless white grapes usually preferred as table fruits, and enjoyed by eating fresh as a fruit rather than juice. These grape cultivars are usually large in size, and have a sweet juicy flesh and smooth skins, easy to chew and enjoy. [box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Care your financial health as you enjoy their […]

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Grapes for export

Buy grapes for export from Iran

The growing of grapes in the Iranian vineyards goes back to thousands of years, and grapes have always been, and are one of the most popular fruits among Iranians. Many companies from all over the world buy grapes for export from Iran and distribute the goods on the global fruit markets. Almost all of the […]

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Askari grapes

Buy Askari grapes from Iran

Askari grapes are among the highest quality Persian table grapes and are known all over the world for fresh consumption and making raisins. Iran is the biggest producer of these grapes and a lot of international companies from all over the world Buy Askari grapes from Iran. These grapes are a type of sweet Persian […]

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