Bell pepper average price

Iranian bell pepper average price

Bell peppers also among the highest produced vegetables among Iran’s agricultural products that grown in both open farms and greenhouses all over the country. The Iranian bell pepper average price also set based on the type of the vegetables, transportation costs, and the season of the harvest. Bell peppers are amazing vegetables because they are […]

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Bell pepper price per ton

Iranian bell pepper price per ton

Iran is one of the biggest producer of bell peppers both in Asia and the world, with thousands of tons of bell pepper production every year in different states of the country. There are a lot of bell peppers traded in the international markets and a lot of companies set the bell Iranian bell pepper […]

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Bell pepper market price

Iranian bell pepper market price

Bell pepper production in Iran has increased a lot over the past decade, as the public are becoming more and more interested in the vegetable. Iranian bell pepper market price is lower in the local markets of the producing regions, but they are also exported to a lot of countries. Bell peppers also come in […]

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