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Unripe Mango price in the international market

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Is it OK to eat an unripe mango?Mango producing countriesUnripe Mango usage in the food industryInternational unripe mango PriceBuy Wholesale Mango
Unripe Mango

Mangoes are one of the most popular tropical fruits on the international markets, which exported both ripened and unripe. The unripe mango prices in the international markets have been increasing over the past few years, which is a proof of the popularity of the fruit on the global scale.

Unripe Mango are very popular both on the international markets for fresh consumption, and for making side products in the factories. These green mangoes have also got various vitamins and are even healthier than the ripe ones on some aspects. The most important benefit about these mangoes is the lower calorie count compared to the ripened mangoes.

Unripe Mango

Is it OK to eat an unripe mango?

Eating Unripe Mango is not only OK, but it also beneficial in many ways compared to the ripened versions of the fruit. Raw mango is one of the healthiest fruits you can try out in the beginning of summer and many people actually consider them to be better than the ripe ones.

Consuming Unripe Mango with salt prevents the excessive loss of water from the body and helps to prevent dehydration. Mango contains an anti-oxidant called zeaxanthin which helps to reduce the effects of free radical from the pollutants around us. They are also very rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is a natural anti-oxidant which helps to boost the immune system.

Unripe Mango

Mango producing countries

According to FAO, there more than 46 million tons of mangoes produced in the world every year. India produces around 40% of this amount with 18.8 million tons of production every year. Also, the other biggest producers of this fruit in the world located in Asia.

China, Thailand, and Indonesia are the next top producers of the fruit with more than 2 million tons each. The largest non-Asian producer of mangoes in the world is Mexico, with the annual production of 2.2 million tons. Most of the unripe mango exports in the world are done by these countries and they dominate the markets.

Unripe Mango

Unripe Mango usage in the food industry

As it was said before, there are a lot of benefits in the consumption of Unripe Mango. Also many companies and factories try to process these fruits commercially, to be able to sell them on larger scales. One of the most common usages of the green mangoes is in pickles.

Many factories from all over the world make high quality pickles from these fruits and export them globally. They also used to make mango extracts which later sold and used in food industry themselves. Mango extracts arte used in many types of foods these days, as a result of the increased popularity.

Unripe Mango

International unripe mango Price

The prices of Unripe Mango on the international markets definitely different from the ripened ones. It also mostly depends on the producer country and the conditions of the trade. The prices are much lower in the big producer companies like India, China, and Philippines.

The huge amounts of production in these countries, allows them to offer the best competitive prices in the world. Also, the mango cultivar is an important indicator of the price, and the most popular variety is Alphonso. This cultivar is famous all over the world, and accounts for half of the global production.

Unripe Mango

Buy Wholesale Mango

Ripened and Unripe Mango traded all over the world, on very large scales. They are one of the most popular tropical fruits, and their consumption have become an international trend. The international demand for this fruit has been increasing constantly, and the producing countries are trying to expand their production.

Most of the mangoes of the world produced in Asia, where there are plenty of tropical regions. India is also the number one producer of the fruit with 18 million tons of annual production. As a result, most of the mango trades of the world also originated from this region. Iran is one of the largest importers of the fruits and supplies most of its markets from Asian producers.

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