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Wholesale price of Pikami grapes

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Benefits and features of Pikami grapesProduction of grape varieties in IranPikami grapes harvest in KashmarGrape exports from IranWholesale price of grapes
Pikami grapes

Pikamis are one of the most popular grape cultivars in the world, which produced on very large scales in Iran. Iran exports these amazing table grapes to many different countries in the world and the wholesale price of Pikami grapes of Iran are different according to the destination.

Pikami grapes are among the most popular and healthy grape cultivars produced in Ira, which are also an international favorite for exports. They come in different colors and are longer and larger than the average seedless grapes. They produced in many different regions of Iran, but the high quality ones found in the central and western states of Iran.

Pikami grapes

Benefits and features of Pikami grapes

In terms of Physical properties, Pikami grapes larger and longer, and have a clear skin and a seedless firm skin. But all of the good things about this grapes don’t end with its amazing physical appearance. They packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that plays key roles in immune system health.
They’re also a source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting and maintaining healthy bones. Another nutrient which found in these grapes is potassium, which is very important to kidney and heart function. Grapes are also rich in antioxidants that protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress, and prevent cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pikami grapes

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Production of grape varieties in Iran

Iran accounts for more than 3% of the global grape production with around 2.5 million metric tons of fresh grapes every year. This high amount earns Iran the 8th place, on the biggest producers of grapes list. Also the production have always been on the rise, and have risen an average 2% over the past five years.
Different cultivars of grapes for different purposes harvested in Iran. There a lot of sweet seedless cultivars like Pikami grapes which are perfect for fresh consumption. There are also many cultivars which used for making side products like grape juices and extracts.

Pikami grapes

Pikami grapes harvest in Kashmar

Kashmar is one of the biggest grape producing cities in Iran, which produces high quality export grade grapes. There are more than 3400 hectares of active vineyards in the city of Kashmar. There more than 22 different grape cultivars produced in this city, but the most common are the Asgari and Pikami grapes.
More than 30% of the grapes of Kashmar are set for exports. These grapes are all grade A, and being sent to foreign markets for fresh consumption purposes. The rest of the grapes also distributed to the local markets of the country and dried out to make Pikami raisins.

Pikami grapes

Grape exports from Iran

Iran is one of the main suppliers of grapes in the Middle East region and supplies big parts of these markets. Russia is the biggest importer of the Iranian grapes by purchasing 70% of the products. Also large parts  sent to neighboring and Middle Eastern countries. Some of the largest neighboring customers of Iran are Pakistan and the united Arab Emirates with 13 and 12% respectively.
Some European countries like Slovakia, Belarus, and Switzerland are also among the customers of Iran. May grape cultivars sent off from Iran and some like Pikami grapes are very famous.

Pikami grapes

Wholesale price of grapes

The wholesale prices of Iranian high quality grapes in exports could different based on many different conditions. The Pikami grapes of Iran considered among the high quality table grapes which exported for fresh consumption. These table grapes are usually more expensive than the other types. Also generally, all of the seedless sweet grapes cost more than the seeded or sour products.
Most of the Iranian grapes harvested at the end of the summer. Some specific cultivars also harvested later in autumn, and the prices could also different based on their quality. Overall, Iranian grapes are worth their high quality, and can be one of the best products in every market.

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